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It Can Happen! Cop Witnesses Justice, Doesn't Interfere as 'Serial Sniffer' KO'ed

(this story warmed my heart so much I had to share it with y'all)

Four days ago my friend, a much-tattooed former boxer turned family man, was at a gas station with his girlfriend and another friend. As he was gathering his wares he felt someone behind him and heard sniffing sounds. He turned around and some guy was sniffing his shoulder, telling him "You smell good".

My friend naturally told him to 'back the f off'. Dude sniffed him again saying "I like the way you smell".

He went to the counter to pay for his purchases. Weird guy followed him. He then walked toward the exit where his friends were holding the door open saying "let's just go. Forget about that guy" (they knew what was coming).

Strange guy met him at the door saying "What's your name? Can I smell you some more?" At this point my friend set down his groceries and laid the guy out with a right to the jaw.

The attendant called an ambulance. The cop sipped his coffee. My friend backed out the door.

Two days later my friend went back to the same gas station. The same attendant was working and the same cop was sipping. As he went up to check out the attendant said "Dude! Have you seen the footage from when you knocked that guy out? It's awesome." Then the police officer took my friend's hand, shook it, and said "That guy has been asking for a beat-down for a long time. Thank you."

Common sense prevails. Justice is served with a right.

End of story.

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you're right about the story being stupid but,

it's nice hearing a story that doesn't involve someone doing the right thing (that's relative of course) and being arrested by a power hungry cop.

Was there an assault on this day?

Is there any way anyone could have been convicted of one???

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