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Police Bluff Zimmerman Saying "Entire Event Caught On Video" - Zimmerman Says "Thank God!" (Video)

Testimony of SPD Investigator Serino reveals blockbuster admission:


Skip to 2:53:07 for this portion of the testimony: http://youtu.be/BxqElKum6t0?t=2h53m7s

BONUS speculation follows!

When I first came across this info regarding "Thank God," I wanted to learn more and find the actual video. Having read this article on the DP a while back, I've been noticing this tactic used more and more to hide relevant information on the web by using search engine optimization to make other articles show up in search results rather than the information you're actually looking for.

In my search for this testimony, my YouTube searches were clogged with this video by the Associated Press:

As I mentioned, this is speculation on my part, and it could be a complete coincidence. :/


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