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Live in Thailand, Own A Business, Live Free and Happy

Hi & Sawasdee Krubp /\

Please allow me to introduce myself (I am not a man of wealth and fame); my name is Mark (I’ll give you my sir name in private), and I live in Thailand. I am a former educator who departed that profession a few years ago to run a factory here, and that job loaded me and my wife with a lot of useful information and experience in the ways of doing business in Thailand, especially in regard to foreign owned companies. We ran the factory for two plus years. My wife, Khun Yim, ran the factory with me. My wife is a business lady; my wife is also Thai. We are both bilingual and bi-cultural. This gives us a lot of advantages here…

So why I am I telling you this? Why would anyone care? Why even read on?

Well, over the past couple of years, Khun Yim and I have done a lot of work inside and outside of our factory job. We have researched the various business models available for foreigners including the various options to outright own your own business 100%, live here (very nice) and be able to work for that/your business legally (with work permit and visa etc).

We have relationships with lawyers and accountants and customs people and bank people etc etc etc. We have what I would call “The Home Field Advantage.” We can consult and work with people to help them make a move over here. We can talk about ‘what would be in it for us’ as we get the details for each individual situation as the needs (time demand on us) will vary. At this point, I am just putting out a feeler… and if the response is good, I can start to get an idea of how we might work together, and what this process will entail as the devils get chased out of the details. Anyone intrigued? Wanna’ talk? Email me?

I have even pondered turning this concept and –advantage- into a website service to help those looking for a good place to expatriate (in this case to Thailand specifically), and setting up business is one way to go about it (if you are ready to retire, get a retirement visa and live the good life in Thailand for cheap). My first step is this open letter to the DP. I saw that the DP posted from Japan today… Seemed like an opportune time to keep the Asia vibe on.

Therefore, perhaps it is worth asking today if there are liberty-minded folks reading the DP who are wanting something better in life (transitioning out of the USA gets sexier by the minute… does I not?), but do not yet have a plan or are looking for guidance or ideas or whatever. My wife and I have a lot of knowledge, skill, understanding and experience in the ways of doing business in Thailand; we know the good, the bad and the ugly. We know the options; we are good people and we think there may be some networking and information sharing at the very least to be had here… or perhaps business relationships to be formed and if we are extraordinarily lucky ...friendship too.

dreamscometrueeducation@gmail.com Let’s talk? Gamma Rat (Mark)

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interesting post

although the few expat friends i have who live in se asia have all moved on from thailand and tell me it's been pretty much ruined with tourism and rising prices like what happened to spain long ago. i have been to thailand but it's been ten years now, when it was still cheap and not overrun. i'm told that even cambodia is showing the same signs, and now the place of choice hands down is vietnam, and for all the same reasons people started to go to thailand. even the travel writer anthony bourdain who hosted the show: no reservations and who has been everywhere has decided on vietnam to live.


I just started thinking about doing a vacation over there. Have any suggestions?


Sticks, lol

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Yesterday my gf and I were musing about where to travel to next and she says "Thailand!" and then I see this post today.

I've given serious thought to being an expat someday, interested in your experiences in Thailand.

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I was thinking of doing the REI adventure....

With all this soon economic collapse talk....I'm getting scared to do it though.