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Zimmerman Found Not Guilty!

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So, would it have been better

if they had found an innocent man guilty? Should we sacrifice one man to prevent the possibility of riots? Should we set up a stage and use an obsidian knife to cut the hearts out of the innocent?

When would we stop sacrificing the innocent to prevent riots?

If any riots break out due to Zimmerman being found not guilty then any local stations that were encouraging such actions should be held legally and financially responsible!

This whole mess is stupidity piled on top of stupidity!

read my comment again

Do you see me saying he should be sacrificed. Is it a crime to not be surprised of a predictable verdict? The only reason anyone would be surprised is if they believed msms narrative

I'm sorry, but

I read this -
"How else would obama and the fed gov thugs get their riots and racial wars." -
as meaning that to avoid giving obama and the fed gov thugs what they wanted then Zimmerman should have been found guilty.

Guess I should have known better.

I'm glad he's found not guilty...

but he is hispanic, not white. There is a white guy who says that this trail was wrong and blah blah blah. Little does he know that the blacks will kill him in a second.

If you saw me you'd think I'm

If you saw me you'd think I'm a Hispanic. I'm half Irish and half Mexican. Who gives a shit.

What needs to be done now is sanction aggressively the race baiters stirring up racial hatred in our society. I'm mostly talking about the talking heads on MSM news. Those people need to be charged in court for inciting riots and terrorist threats.

Who today is bitching about black sports stars, TV stars, and Hollywood movie stars because they're black? Direct evidence the vast majority can care less about your skin color.

prosecution sanctioned for withholding evidence past deadlines

that the defense could not obtain until after hiring experts. Evidence that turned out incriminating Trayvon's character with pics and videos of drug use and violence. 100 MG on a phone that the prosecution tried to conceal.

It is a fiasco because they are procedurally amoral

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

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I'm just surprised it took the jury as long as it did


Undo what Wilson did

They had to deliberate...

On lesser charges as well. A manslaughter conviction was presented in addition to the Murder charge. There was also a lot of testimony--much more than CNN or the like would have read on the air.

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I know. The manslaughter addition probably slowed things up,

but the evidence was so overwhelming in favor of self defense, I would have thought a first vote before any discussion would be 6 not guilty all charges. One thing we can take solace in is that none of the jurors were bought off in order to create a hung jury.

Undo what Wilson did


A defeat for the ethno-centric black supremacists! If they riot they will only further reveal their baseness.

A defeat for the Get Whitey

A defeat for the Get Whitey crowd.

pray for no riots

pray for no riots tonight or tomorrow. Hope you are all safe and be careful to avoid dangerous places or areas.

be careful of ummm, teens,

be careful of ummm, teens, for the next few weeks.

Watching Giants Padres Baseball Game

Giants are winning..Detail at 11PM


I'm glad the jury corrected

I'm glad the jury corrected gun grabbers, race baiters, and peoples mis-understanding on the issue of justifiable self defense with the use of a gun.

I thought he was surely

I thought he was surely doomed when I read there were going too be only 6 jurors, and all of them women

I never had a problem with an

I never had a problem with an all Florida women jury, I live in Florida. I do think their decision has a bigger impact on the Not Guilty Verdict as opposed to a mixed gender jury verdict.

As a woman

who has a carry permit and have been a Ron Paul supporter since the 1980's, I think you underestimate women, but with good cause I suppose.


all I know is that all polling data and studies, show that a larger percentage of Men support Liberty, and self defense than Women do, if I was in in Mr Zimmerman's shoes I would have wanted an all white male jury

It all depends on the person

It all depends on the person and their political persuasion. I'm happy to see Zimmerman be acquitted of all charges. After seeing some of the evidence presented, I definitely see "why" his actions can be morally & legally justified.

I haven't met

one woman where I live that thinks like Ron Paul. Do you know how hard that is to find one of you? You are rare and trust me you are.

There are a lot of us...

...out there!!!

Does that mean that I'm rare too...how about my sister?

I think Liberty minded people in general are rare.

I suppose women who are liberty minded are harder to find but not by my experience

Well I Guess

I gotta get the heck out of here! lol

Good, because Justice is the

Good, because Justice is the one thing you should always find, especially if innocent

The MSM pushed racism and now they got it, from their ignorant


unfortunately justice tends towards truthful laws and parties not the snakes of prosecutors that handled this case. the stand your ground defense is libertarian by nature; MSM's empty rhetoric is only bringing about vindictiveness from a tragedy that otherwise would have been another case to doc.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

The result of this trial will

The result of this trial will determine if MSM race baiting efforts are a success or a failure.

I would generally watch FOX result coverage, but am tuned to CNN to see the race baiter's heads explode and still talking about the Skittles. I'm just so bad.

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I'm watching Mountain Monsters on Destination America

They are looking for the Wampus Beast of Pleasants County. Good Stuff.

A victory

for self defense and common sense.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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