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I Can't Wait To Move to Florida Now

Check out this official video from the Florida Travel & Tourist Bureau.


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scary,, no value for life or others

would love to hear the good reverend al's thoughts on this video

or Melissa harris perry,,, so these are "her kids"

makes me rethink the value of where I live and the community,,, while boring and rural is so removed from this---thank god

I imagine the poor white kids who may be forced to live there and suffer the abuse coming their way,,, the teen beatings, fights


don't fart in public after 6 pm. You just might find yourself in jail lol

Blows away California,

Blows away California, especially for bikers. And the Grand Solar Minimum says we'll be safe from severe hurricanes for many years to come with great winters. High of 89 today and 74 now in SW Florida.

Up vote from me.


With all the guns they've got you would think they at least know how to use them... That's embarrassing.


My youtube accounts are

My youtube accounts are terminated so I can't see that censored video. But I am currently cleaning my Ruger SR9 with 17+1 hollow points.

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Thank you for posting this. I, for one, did not downvote you.

Thank you for posting this. I, for one, did not downvote you. I upvoted your post instead.

Because people need to see this.

People need to see what happens when both the law and justice has been perverted enough so that people's mindsets HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED to be afraid to call a spade "a spade" and A THUG "A THUG" - NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF THE SKIN IS - and only because of the induced ambient group think IN THE ENTIRE SOCIETY.

So, yes, we ought to watch those things carefully TO RE-LEARN ABOUT HUMAN FILTH AND SCUM and call it like it is IN EVERY occurrences AND NOT ONLY THOSE THE MSM HAVE PICKED AND CHOSEN TO PUT FORWARD.

And please get yourself a refresher of how it's been set up exactly, on that sort of hate, but also for MANY OTHER kinds:


Or, read about my perception of the same grand scheme in this comment - the most relevant location contains the keyword "ROTTEN" :



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