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Ron vs. Rand stats on Facebook

I found it interesting on Facebook (as of July 14th, 2013):
Ron's Official FB page stats:
Likes: 1,134,059
People Talking About: 58,935
Most Popular City: Houston, TX
Most Popular Age Group: 25-34

Rand's Official FB Page stats:
Likes: 1,067,865
People Talking About: 171,400
Most Popular City: Houston, TX
Most Popular Age Group: 55+

Since they are at about the same number of likes, the thing I find most interesting is the most popular age group. Rand obviously has a strategy to reach a broader appeal than his father, while maintaining a base view of libertarianism (approaching it in a more politician way than his father). Is it working? Other thoughts?

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liberty lives in the hearts of any age.

I am over 65 and I love ron and rand. the interesting thing I found about these stats is the younger crowd like ron and the older crowd like rand. regardless, let's not fall into that trap of assigning labels or dividing people into groups. the message should be, if you love liberty and believe in the constitution, you are welcome!

Well, I'm right behind you

Well, I'm right behind you closer to 60 than 50. Character is one of those things that really don't change with people unless their heart goes through a transformation. Rand showed his true character when he endorsed Romney. Romney stood for everything that Ron Paul people are against, yet, Rand didn't have a problem speaking out of two sides of his mouth just like the rest of the phony republican whores. I've got plenty of articles bookmarked that further back up his lack of character with some of his votes and show how he's only really interested in climbing the GOP ladder even if he had to sell out his own dad to do it. Once the GOP is finished with him they'll chew him up and spit him out. Neither side, trusts a traitor.

+55 crowd

(I'm almost one of them) this is really important! I was raised by a Barry Goldwater Republican and libertarian thinker --- that's the only reason I don't fall into this pot. My friends and family are so entrenched in being a D or R ---its almost impossible to shake - we are children of the TV and radio (not the internet) You that were born in the internet age think entirely differently so please understand - we are good people that want the best for our children and the Rand strategy is working - have hope and patience! The alternative is waiting until we die off and that is 20-30 years away :)

the same crowd that elected

the same crowd that elected Obushney.

Toe the party line

My sense is that for every

My sense is that for every action he takes to appeal to the less than libertarian crowd he picks up one "moderate" but loses one principled libertarian who supported his father.

And I doubt he'll ever excite his base like his father did his.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

my sense is

those actions gain him 10 while losing one of us. I wouldn't say he is gaining moderates though, but less libertarian for sure. The question that remains to be seen is what he will actually do when he gets elected. Time will tell.

Seems to excite people you have to either be REAL or really good and bull s***-ing. So, I have to agree with you on that point.

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Popular with the old fogies, eh?

The AARP crowd. The thieves on Social Security?

That's a good start.

Not Thieves

The government was the thief for taking the money from the people to start with, you can hardly blame people for trying to get some of it back.

Government is the thief for stealing the social security money that they already stole from the people to fight immoral wars, etc.

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He's got it half licked

All he has to do now is go BS on High like Santorum did and win the evangelicals.

Although I agree with your statistical sentiment about

that generation, there are some true liberty lovers at that age. Some of the purest libertarians are that age, and Ron Paul himself is drawing Social Security (abolish the system, but don't be the schmuck who comes out on the losing end of it). I don't think people drawing Social Security are bad, but those who vote to maintain their immoral social benefits are certainly not my favorite (which is a lot of the older crowd).

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

The filibuster appeals to old-school

The pro-gun NRA friendliness appeals to old-school

The firm stance on abortion appeals to old-school

And the positive spin from Fox News since the neo-cons screwed Rupert Murdoch seems to be paying off.

Rand seems to be a man with a plan in a garden of roses.

Matches what I've seen

Many of the 55+ set that I've spoken to locally did not care for Ron, but are supportive of Rand. There was quite a buzz after the filibuster.