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Liberal (collectivist) Conundrum and the Zimmerman Jury

We have all seen the bumper-sticker "Follow Woman for a Change." We have all heard the slogans and rhetoric about woman being superior in many ways and the ills of the world being wrought by males exclusively... For the record: I am a champion of woman to do what they wish in their lives in every way; I am all for people doing what they want... follow your passion and talents and all that. I am just bring this very Liberal/collectivist way of seeing the boy/girl thing because it relates to the following question.

We know that it is commonplace for the Liberals to think and speak in terms of collectivism...

How does a collectivist rationalize five white females and one black female unanimously agreeing to a 'not guilty' verdict and then scream racism?

Does this not seem like a perplexing task for the collectivist...

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