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The Newest Libertarian Movie & Federal Reserve Thriller, Silver Circle

“When they control the money, they control everything…”

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch one of the most anticipated thriller films just released in the Libertarian movie genre, Silver Circle.

The Silver Circle film takes place in a 2019 America, where the Federal Reserve has not only continued its 100 year rein over Americans and their money, but has expanded to include investigative divisions, militaristic divisions, and deputized officers who police and investigate those who protest and refuse the takeover of their homes at federal reserve mandated prices or participate in the use of alternative or sound currencies.

With the Federal Reserve’s massive creation and spending of fiat, value-less money, and manipulation of artificial interest rates, fueling malinvestment, it created hyperinflation in America. Citizens are forced to suffer the loss of their jobs, homes, and skyrocketing prices, from the gas station to the grocery store.

Out of this chaos, the outlawing of alternative currencies, and the resulting police state, a resistance group arises, dedicated to informing the public and revitalizing sound money with a silver currency, hence silver circle.


FULL REVIEW: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/07/14/the-newest-libertar...

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Silver Circle, Copperhead...

..and The Lone Ranger! My MUST-SEE list is growing fast this week!

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