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WATCH: Police Prevents Witness of Boeing 777 Crash from Speaking to Media at San Francisco Airport

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Enforcement simply wants total control over all information,

foul play or not. They can uphold their power position by keeping the people in the dark.

THAT's ASSAULT !!!!! That cop can't do what he did!

Whether you have a badge or not, no one is allowed to simply grab someone and pull them. This is Assault.

par for the course...

don't you remember all the platform worker 'witnesses' in the Horizon debacle...
rounded up and quarantined until the Corporation insurance team got there and got everbody's 'story' bought straight???

What the hell was that about

What the hell was that about, if its a procedure, then its one that needs to jog on in the advent of the internet

Got something to hide?

Got something to hide?