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Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition & something interesting about Michael Scheuer (Edited/Updated)

The movie 'Rendition' with Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep includes a Special Features Mini-documentary called 'Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition'

and it is POWERFUL! Very, very powerful!

It was produced by the organization WITNESS and the details exposed will make you cover your crotch with both hands, literally!

Yes, our CIA brethren actually took a scalpel to a rendered prisoners penis and testicles on a regular basis!

WITNESS is a Human Rights advocacy group that uses personal media footage and accounts of torture to expose crimes against humanity all over the world.

I'd never heard of them before!

Here's the link to the Mini Documentary 'Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition'


Note: One really interesting aspect in this video which includes an interview with CIA Bin Laden Chief Michael Scheuer is that the producers claim Scheuer was the actual inventor of the entire CIA Rendition program!

Now that is something I've never heard before!

My understanding was that Scheuer has somewhat repented and endorsed (or at least acknowledged) the concept of 'Blowback', but actually created the entire rendition concept? WOW!

I guess if this is true, it wouldn't be outrageous to consider him the CIA's equivalent of Dr Frankenstein, because a monster, indeed, he did create.


A friend of human rights that all libertarian minded people should explore

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Quite the understatement.

The terrorist skeleton couldn't have been more clear!

"Silence! I kill you!"

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul