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A message from the Private Prison Industry

Status Update
By Michael Ruiz
A message from the Private Prison Industry:

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case us in the Private Prison Industry would like to extend our gratitude to the ignorant people of America for the senseless violence that will commence due to the Zimmerman Trial. You all play a vital role to our success and without you our goal of enslaving the Nation could not be achieved. Your participation in our enterprise reassures our political contacts and corporate shareholders that we will have a steady stream of Revenue from the exploitation of prisoners through slave labor and the raping of American Tax payers through Government grants and subsidies.

While we are on the subject we would also like to acknowledge our corporate Media Counterparts. Without you none of this would have been possible. Your ability to manufacture hysteria by subjective analysis is unparallelled. Your relentless propaganda campaign and Divisive conjecture has solidified the irrational emotional response that is so pertinent to our success. Rest assured your efforts have not gone unnoticed and there will be plenty of kick backs for you all.

To the rest of America we thank you for continued obedience and apathetic nature. Remember to never question authority and to do what your told. Remember to never be outraged at the unjust nature of the system which is corrupt to the core. We have provided you with a variety of sports, Reality TV programs, and 24/7 propaganda news channels to distract you from just how much you're being Fucked.

God Bless America!

The Private Prison Lobby

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