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Extremely rare seeds


The more these are grown the less rare they'll become.

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Have you ordered from them before?

Just wondering how quickly they ship. Many of these small-time operations take a long time to get an order out. They are one of the very small number of sources for skirret, BTW.

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I have ordered from Amishland

I have ordered from Amishland before and she's pretty prompt if she has seeds in stock. The website will advise if she's running short or having problems with her suppliers. Seems to me that I got my last order within 5 days or so, and considering it's just her that's a pretty fast turnaround. Seeds arrive in a bubble-wrap envelope to protect them from being crushed.


Thanks, Cirocco! I've been looking for Amish seeds forever. Rare ones are just a bonus :p

Glad to be of service. Happy

Glad to be of service. Happy eating!!!!!!!!!

Great source for rare seeds

Thanks for posting this

You're incredibly welcome.

You're incredibly welcome. I've done business with this lady before and she runs a solid business in addition to being devoted to battling Monsatan and preserving the past in these seeds.