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ColorOfChange.org: "We still fight for Trayvon" (These ppl Are F'ing NUTS)

George Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in late February of last year. It took 45 days for Sanford, Florida police to arrest 17-year-old Trayvon Martin's admitted killer — and only 16 hours for jurors to acquit him of second-degree murder and manslaughter last night.1

We are angry. We are sad. And we are in pain.

We send our love and support to Trayvon’s parents — Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin — and we grieve with them and the countless other families of Black children who have been killed just for being Black.2

In this time of national sorrow, let's turn our rightful frustration into action and grow a movement to hold the criminal justice system that fails Black Americans every day3 accountable.

Since the beginning, the Department of Justice has closely monitored the state's case against George Zimmerman, and the DOJ can still bring charges against Trayvon's killer. Please join us in calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to bring federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman, and help us strengthen our efforts to end racial profiling and the violence it creates.

What does it say about our society when a civilian can shoot and kill a Black child who is just walking home from the store, and what can it mean when the killer is set free? What does this say about the value our society places on the lives of young Black children? It tells us that a Black life has little worth. It tells us that Black youth are seen as nothing more than violent criminals.4 And it tells us how much more work we must do to achieve a just society.


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What a surprise

More race baiting from the "black community".

If blacks want to see the face of racism, they really ought to take a look in the mirror some time. The black community never wants to hold themselves or each other accountable for anything; it's always big bad whitey's fault. Generally speaking, they don't take responsibility, and they wonder why they're always on the bottom rung.

Killed for being black? How about all the kids who are mugged, beaten, and butchered because they're white and in the "wrong" neighborhood? What about the number of black on white rapes (extremely common), versus the number of white on black rapes (statistically irrelevant)? Let's not even get into the massively disproportionate murder rates!

It's not whites who roam around the streets in packs looking for people to fuck with, now is it? It's not whites who have turned ignorance and prison sentences into badges of honor, now is it? It's not the white neighborhoods that are always the "rough" areas that nobody likes to visit, now is it?

Yeah yeah, I know, "judge as an individual and yadda yadda". All true, but generally speaking, I'm calling it as I see it. The black community has earned every bit of the terrible reputation it has.

Unfortunately, there's always going to be an "us versus them" mindset with everything, especially race. Some people can move beyond it, at least partially, but not completely because people on all sides keep pouring salt on old and fresh wounds alike. I'm certainly not saying that whites as a whole are blameless, because they're not, but for the past few decades the racism has been awfully one-sided..

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Although i dont like what

Although i dont like what they think is the solution, i think its good that the black community should fight for their rights, dont get me wrong, if they go down a path that builds on the tyranical government the US seems to be going for, then ill likely be disagreing more likely then not, but the community getting together i wont disuade, i reckon a dialogue with whatever may come, if it should come would be the more beneficial approach for everyone

The one thing im fearing is the US government gleefully celebrating these turn of events, a willing "group", willing to hand the reigns over to those who WANT, and HAVE been forcefully taking the reigns for generations, themselves, so i say again, i wont disuade a people for standing up for themselves, i applaud it, but god as my witness, i wont stay silent, if i see yet ANOTHER manipulation of the people by the government, the old smear tactics against those who try to inject some critizisms, BE DAMNED, this progress will NOT be for nothing

In regards to this story, one that kinda snuck up on me, one i dont feel like i have a right to form an opinion, especially so, with just third hand stories to go by, but i will say this, of the, admitedly, the little i know, i dont think either side seems to be completely inocent on all this.........and even that opinion is a strained one

Yes, did he have a right to defend himself assuming it is true trevon was attacking, yes, and also, yes, i do believe there are way tooo many people out there who would violate a persons right or happiness, because they LOOK suspicious, which is not right, and maybe just maybe, a joined people will eventually change that, onese their voice is heard, and UNDERSTOOD

I thought the jury settled this?

I have never commented on this story, because I believe all need a fair trial. Even though the Government out spent the defense, they lost. There must be a reason, maybe the jury saw through the whole thing as setup to get Zimmerman at all cost.

Time to let this story die!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Looks like the work is done to me.

I have to think people consciously stoke the flames of racism to try to achieve something sinister.

I think I'll watch a replay of Miami Heat 2013 Championship winning game today.