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Twinkies Are Back and Union Wants in on the Action

Hostess Brands and the Twinkie are finally back after the company filed for bankruptcy and shut down. Hostess closed down a few months ago because it couldn’t come to an agreement with Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union or BCTGM.
Twinkies are not the only things the new Hostess is producing either. Starting soon, consumers will be able to purchase other products including fried Fruit Pies and Mini Muffins. By fall, consumers will get their Sno-Balls. The BCTGM already wants to get in on the action and work with the new ownership.


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tobacco workers

didn't realize I can smoke me some twinkies
can't wait !


go bad because of their leadership. The everyday worker is fine, but I will say in the case of Hostess, those idiots that kept striking because they said they weren't making enough found some nice $7.50 and hour jobs instead of the $15-$18 hour tbey were making, just plain dumb and greedy.