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None Dare Call It Tyranny

While the Obama administration dithers over whether the Egyptian regime-change operation constitutes a coup or not, one thing is certain: The Egyptian people are suffering under tyranny. After all, that’s what military rule is: tyranny.

Our American ancestors understood this. That’s why they steadfastly opposed standing armies. They understood that standing armies constituted a grave threat to the freedom and well-being of a society. That’s why the American people lived without standing armies for more than a century of our nation’s existence.

President Eisenhower alluded to this phenomenon in his Farewell Address to the American people in 1960. He told them that the vast military-industrial complex, which was then new to American life, constituted a serious danger to America’s democratic processes.


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Damn straight

The Constitution prohibits a standing Army. The U.S. military was to be relegated to floating islands called a Navy, never to set foot on land. To circumvent this prohibition against a land force, the Marines were illegally created as a subdivision of the Navy, an end around the Constitution. That's why today, when we are so far divorced from the heritage of our Constitution, we have Army (land), Navy (sea), Air Force (air), Marines (what the hell is that?).