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Whitehouse.gov may be trying to hide the Snowden pardon petition from search engine results. Why might Google be indexing the co

Initial Conclusion: No after-the-fact steps appear to be taken by webmasters at Whitehouse.gov to block the Snowden petition page in particular. The actual content of the page is not showing in the indexed results, but Google did choose to include the page URL in its result set because other signals that indicate that it’s a relevant page (to Google it’s the number one standard search result out of ~571,000).

The Bigger Question: Why is Whitehouse.gov choosing to block search engines from indexing content of their petition pages, when these pages are created by the people and for the people to express and promote concerns to their government leaders? I cannot think of a good rationale for this. Can you? Is anyone out there at Sunlight.org listening?

I’ve created a petition page on Petitions.whitehouse.gov to petition the Obama administration to remove the robots.txt disallow from petitions on their site. This action will promote the transparency and conduit for democracy in action that the web platform was created to serve in the first place.

Find the petition located here and pass this URL to your networks.


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