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Fukushima - There Was No Earthquake That Day?

No evidence of an earthquake anywhere? No one saw it, no one felt it?

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I was there

I was stationed at Misawa Air Base located in the northern Aomori prefecture. I was getting into my car at the base post office when it hit. The ground just rolled and rolled. At first we thought it was a very close but mild quake. After several minutes the ground would not stop like it normally would, so people just started driving while the ground was still rolling (myself included). But it seemed like it rolled for half an hour. I drove off base to my house and the electric poles were just rocking like a ship on the high seas. No physical damage in Misawa thankfully. All power was out and we had no idea what was going on. It seemed like AFN radio was purposefully avoiding any updates. My friends and myself gathered at a friends house to sit it out. Finally late that night someone's cell phone came online and the pictures from Sendai came rolling in. It was like the end of the world. The train system was down for weeks. No flights in or out. Everyone's transfer orders were on hold until the nuclear threat was assessed. All us military personnel were fighting each other over batteries and flashlights at the base exchange. You know SHTF when military personnel are fighting among themselves for supplies. This exact same desperation will set in when Obama successfully collapses our economy for his master satan. Anyone who thinks the local police, National Guard, Red Cross, or anyone else will be there to save them when Obama pulls the plug are suffering from Normalcy Bias. Those of us in the military who were there were lucky because the base exchange and commissary (grocery store) were still organized because we were lucky enough to purchase food with IOU slips. The military kept track of everything purchased with these IOU slips and garnished our wages when the power came back on. Here on American soil, it will be chaos. There will be no civilized IOU slips. It will be smash and grab. You'll have to slit an old lady's throat to get a can of peas to feed your starving children. Even the most innocent and kind people will turn into animals within 72 hours. It will be worse than any zombie apocalypse you've ever seen on tv. Zombies only eat you. When Obama successfully collapses the economy there will be robberies, murder, hostage taking, kidnapping for ransom, rape, forced labor, FEMA detention, disease, starvation, and desperation. I'll be honest about one other thing. The only thing that kept us military personnel in our uniforms and following orders was the fact that despite the power outage, we knew DFAS in Cleveland Ohio was still paying us. When the economy collapses and the local police and National Guard are not getting paid and are in the same predicament as you, you WILL see their guns pointed at your family to take whatever supplies you have, whether it be your food, your son for labor, or your daughter for pleasure. Heed my warning.

You should write fiction

You're a very visual writer. I was already dry-mouthed from freaking out at the idea of the ground rolling. Then the rest. Damn. I gotta' go shake some images out of my head now.

Defend Liberty!


Daa-aam-it boy!

What the?

You really ruin your reputation posting this kind of stuff. Some of us have friends in Japan that felt it.

People like Ryan Dawson, author of Welcome to the USSA felt it.

At least now when I see you as the author, it saves me reading time.


reputation is overrated.

So I started a controversial thread. Big deal. Should I have written the title in the form of a question? There are 'conspiracy theories' about the earthquake and tsunami that I couldn't find a conversation about here so I started one. Everybody says something unpopular here once in a while, and if they don't, perhaps they are too much worried about their 'reputation' and not enough about truth.

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Do a USGS custom search for

Do a USGS custom search for earthquakes on 3/11/2011 near Japan. There were quite a few.

Southern Agrarian

Could you do it for me please?

Thany you so much you're too kind.

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Bump for downvote!

bump bump bump!

More bumps than anyone felt in Fukushima!

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