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Don't Just Downvote, Debate!

Don't be afraid to make your opinion known. Participate in the discussion. Be constructive - disregard emotionally charged attacks, and quit being a spectator. Don't let downvotes dissuade you, you may have a perspective no one else has thought of. A million downvotes or comments against your opinion doesn't invalidate it - keep an open mind and look for truth in opposing arguments and learn. Don't be afraid of being wrong: let's all get serious and have it out. Don't mistake passion for vitriol, and remember we share a common overall goal - I'm not saying we should hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but try to be helpful and informative rather than simply trying to "fight" about everything.

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I'm Surprised

I don't understand why encouraging people to participate on this website would rank number 1 on "most contentious" - anyone care to enlighten me?

Exactly what do you have against

saying we should hold hands and sing kumbayah?!! I think it's everyone's natural born right to say something like that. It's not like it has risen to the fear-mongering level of the word "fire" in a theater or "b-uh" (as my memory fades on which movie wouldn't let the characters pronounce the word) on a plane...
see?! Even those words are getting censored and now you want to start the beginnings of a social meme that, as most inevitably do, will turn into a politically incorrect term and eventually become banned, causing countless otherwise pristine careers to be irreversibly tarnished and possibly international extraditions and witch-hunts for the terrorists who insist on using those words in private emails!

(obligatory troll comment)
Just who do you think you are? You want debate but you shut it down even in your request? You, sir, sound to me like someone just looking to pick a fight. Well, you came to make a mockery of us and I'm sure there's someone here who simply won't stand for it. Be prepared for some very harsh words indeed.

I like the troll comment :)

I like the troll comment :) in the last line I'm trying to make a distinction between "fighting" and "debating"...The fighters use strictly ad hominem attacks while the debaters also throw in a fact or two after personally skewering their opponent. haha

liberty is simple, debating is for liberals

The philosophy of freedom and liberty is incredibly simple, if you don't see it yet keep searching.

You apparently have it all

You apparently have it all figured out - be careful not to become intellectually lazy, but if you've ever perused this site you know the comment section on nearly every post contains some kind of debate. I agree some people's philosophy is cookie-cutter libertarian and frustratingly simple. You just made an assertion - this is my rebuttal - I believe that qualifies this as a debate. Unless you'd like to debate the definition of debate, but you're surely too conservative for that.

Well said, and excellent

Well said, and excellent advice!

Never be afraid to question your own conclusions for it is by doing so that one's knowledge of the true nature of reality grows.

That also means never beat yourself up for being wrong. Remember that we all live in a highly propagandized environment and that it takes active mental effort to find the truth.

Also, thick skin is developed through debate.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

Here, here Although, i will

Here, here

Although, i will add, those that are new, or those who feel they would do more harm then good in their articulation or for what ever reason, but still believe in the cause in their heart, i understand, and there is no shame in it, no pressure, no frustration, just thankfullness that at least your heart is in the right place

Sorry jungle, i know thats kinda counterclockwise the well put statement you made, but i gotta say it, that there are folks or at least, a, folk, out there that feels that way.......sometimes, if ever, a person needs to come on their own, when its right for them, if they so choose, but yeah, i hope we reach a point where your thoughts are realised, if what i say is right, then that would be an especial "miracle", one in a lifetime, one to look back on and tell your grandkids "i was there for the beginning" :)
that thought made me smile, as if giving my warmed heart something to fight for

I definitely didn't mean to

I definitely didn't mean to shame or pressure anyone, I just feel like people might see some of the more hostile remarks and be discouraged from weighing in. I meant it as a friendly reminder that they should feel "at home" and free to express themselves.

Thought nothing of the sort

Thought nothing of the sort :), i thought your words were wise and needed every now and again, you keep doing your thing my friend