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What Was Your Favorite Ron Paul Moment?

My favorite Ron Paul moment occurred during the 2012 debate in South Carolina. In the midst of a heated debate with Newt Gingrich about foreign policy, Dr. Paul evoked the Golden Rule and said that we should treat other nations the way we would want to be treated. It is somewhat ironic that those in the heart of the Bible Belt booed him for that. Unfortunately, many of the churches there have been hijacked by the warvangelicals and their erroneous eschatology. The Ron Paul moment in South Carolina really demonstrated the fact that the good Doctor was not concerned with political expediency or catering to his audience. That Ron Paul moment continues to influence me.

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Like A Boss!

Ron Paul really schooled them there! :)


You brought back some good memories. By the way, awesome handle, ArmorofChrist777!!

Edgar Morgan

There are so many

But two come to mind immediately. (If someone else already posted these, I apologize -- don't have time to go through all of the pages of comments)

When he refused to return the $500 campaign donation (fast foward to the 3:30 mark)....


His comments on the Mike Huckabee Christmas campaign ad....


Those were awesome

this whole post kicks @SS!!!

So many

but if doubting Dr. Ron's oratory skills, he was speaking late after a seemingly biased Republican debate and at an eagerly prepared rally by fans in St. Petersburg, FL during the 08 Campaign.

Throughout the speech he would address certain topics to applause but after a few points of build-up, he timed his next call with "and what we need is freedom!" and the place tore down with cheers!

Unfortunately the original video which captures the audible roar appears to be gone
but here's a close approximation


I liked what others posted, but the rallies were quite fun. Went to two myself. Often felt alone, but hitting rallies made me realize there's a few of us out there.

By the way, I thought I heard he would keep visiting colleges. Seems he could still get some crowds.

A few videos:



Tampa was amazing!

Beginning at 2:04



To pseudonym

That was awesome. :)

Edgar Morgan

mine was...

During the debates when Willard was asked about going to war and he babbled on about talking to the lawyers....as the camera showed Ron's face and body language...very animated...then Ron tells Willard to read the Constitution. Epic moment for me.

Telling Willard To Read The Constitution

That was epic!

Edgar Morgan

The Electability Question


I was fifteen when I saw this one at my granparent's house, and boy did it make me start to think.

Ron Paul 2016

I have enjoyed this thread

I have enjoyed this thread for the past couple days. Good one EdMoran.
Not necessarily a favorite moment, but I always liked this clip of the good DR.

To manonearth

Thanks. I have enjoyed this also. It's been great reliving so many good memories and learning about the experiences that others have had. Another great Ron Paul moment for me was attending the rally in Philly. My wife, two good friends, an I sat in the front row only a few feet fron Dr. Paul! It was raining that day and Dr. Paul said, "Well, there aren't any sunshine patriots here today!" Take care and best wishes.

Edgar Morgan



and then this fan made video completely had me
(it looks so primitive today)


This, too, is the one I

This, too, is the one I always remember. It was his very best moment, to me. I am glad you saved me the trouble of searching for it, and posting it. Yep. EASY!

I lovethis man....

I would take a bullet for him. He clearly deserves his own stage!!

Ron Paul storms NYC Grand Central Station!!

I think this was in 2007?


To Paulus

Awesome!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!'n

Edgar Morgan

Storming Grand Central

Thank you for posting that video. I live in NY, but unfortunately I was half asleep at the time. It must have been great to have been there for that. I was able, though, to attend several Ron Paul rallies and events for the 2012 campaign. The one in Philly was surreal! Thanks again.

playing soccer with Iran

This moment popped into my head directly upon reading your question, possibly because I was looking for the video clip not long ago. He gave a relatively relaxed interview somewhere outdoors I think, and the interviewer was asking questions about what we should do about Iran. Toward the end of his response he mentioned having a game of soccer. The entire response as I recall was brilliantly simple, typical RP stuff, and then the spontaneous "How about we play soccer with them?" finished it off perfectly.

If anyone finds this clip, please toss me a link. :)

Playing Soccer?

Well, that's a lot better than dropping bombs!

There are so many 'bests' !

But the weirdest part of his 2012 campaign?

He had that last private breakfast with Bernanke and it was all over.

He never spoke publicly about the meeting and what was discussed but one could clearly see something had changed.

Within a couple days, he stopped actively campaigning and went the delegate route and a day or so after that, Rand endorsed Mitt.

What happened at that breakfast meeting with Bernanke?

I've never seen anyone here at the DP connect those dots before.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

My favorite moment and the

My favorite moment and the one that truly showed me that Dr. Paul is for real was the predictions made in congress 11 years ago and how all of them became true. Without a doubt, a true master of history and international politics, not the circus we see everyday, but what politics should be:


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Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

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I'm super proud of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-pTvjzHN3I

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Very Good

You should be proud!

Edgar Morgan

That Video

Is one I missed. Thanks for the link.

3 minutes 33 seconds

Chris: "DuRRRRRRR...UhhhDurrrrrrrrrrrrr." LMAO!

CHECK OUT MY VIDEO! The views stopped overnight when for 'copyright' reasons, mobile viewing was disabled. I want to get to 8,000 - HELP by watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-pTvjzHN3I


when he told us in ATX @ UT that "they" are preparing for arm conflict within the United States... (this was mentioned after he stated that DHS bought a bunch of ammunition)

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