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Poor Neocons: Snowden/Russia, DHS 'Morale', Afghanistan Pullout

DHS Chairman Congressman Michael McCaul details neocon disappointments...somebody call a waaambulance.


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Only an oathbreaker would presume

that Snowden is dishing the Russians--doing the same, as it were.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Had to turn it off about 4 minutes in.

Can't stand this guy. All I heard was complaining about how we haven't militarily and economically subjugated Russia to our governments every whim and desire.

"Yeah, you know what what would really hit the spot right now? World War Three. Besides, it would allow us to make Band of Brother's and The Pacific into a trilogy. Wouldn't that be awesome!"

Michael McCaul

You took an oath of loyalty to the United States Constitution and when someone that is working for a Government organization (NSA) tells you that they are doing something illegal (violating the 4th Amendment), you call him a traitor.
Just like everyone in Government and the Media, always having the real criminals call the true patriotic American the outlaw.
You guys are just incredibly amazing in the way you see things.
Hey, McCaul...please go back and read the Constitution, that document you swore your oath to.
Have you done a poll to see who believes your crap that Snowden has "harmed" us, and (I really like this one from John Kerry) that people might die?

Pure propaganda!

I pretty much disagreed with everything that spewed out of his mouth. He's a McCain clone. This interview made me sick to my stomach.

He calls Russia our enemy, while Putin calls the U.S. "our partner". Ironic. Maybe Putin should see the interview and see how our so-called representatives really view Russia.

He also spews out more drivel regarding Snowden seeking assylum in Russia, stating that "Russia is a nation that suppresses freedom." That is how they want us to view Russia. Also, he asserts, almost as fact, that the Russian are gleaning classified information from Snowden everyday he's there.

From Russia to Egypt to Afghanistan, I don't think there was one word of truth spoken during the entire interview. Pure propaganda.

These neo-cons MUST be removed from office.

Snowden is a patriot and hero.

McCaul and others who tow the official line and persecute Snowden are the traitors. Exposing a criminal government is a heroic service to the American people and the world.

Indeed, Snowden's "running for cover" to Russia, Venezuela, etc. shows just how low the US government has sunk.