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Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

According to RT Snowden has been nominated for the Prize. He certainly deserves it more than Obama did in 2009.I never did understand why a president who promised to ramp up the war in Afganistan should get a peace prize.


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Personally, I Would Like To See Obama Give His Over To Snowden

I think Obama ought to fly to Russia and on LIVE TV had delivery his Peace Prize to Edward Snowden

P - R - I - C- E- L - E - E - S - S !!!

Edward Snowden for Peace Prize?

If Malala Yousafzai is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (I signed a petition to get her nominated. I am a creationist. Richard Dawkins signed the same petition. I don't think he's a creationist - yet), I don't think Edward Snowden ought even to stand a chance of getting it.

I hope he wins. I hope he

I hope he wins. I hope he wins. Although it should be split between Snowden and Bradley Manning.




spewing out the propaganda....again.

they are no worse than the

they are no worse than the american media at spreading propaganda.


but because it is a different type of "news", the younger set tend to take it as "truer" than Fox ect.


The 'evil machine' will pick him?
Did they pick Bradley Manning?

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I Don't Trust Snowden

So the government is lying (and spying) on us but why should we trust Snowden? He could just as easily be against the US in general. Like I've previously said, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

I'd like to understand what this guy is really about first.

If Snowden Were To Get The Prize...

It would be fantastic for the cause. It would just highlight the disconnect between the media + government, and the regular population. The media and government are busy calling this guy an enemy and a traitor, the real people give him a peace prize; TOO GOOD.

I think if he did get the

I think if he did get the prize, that maybe some of the people who have been brainwashed by the media to believe he is a traitor would start to question that narrative.

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I have another suggestion:

I have another suggestion:

how about the people nominate the TRAITORS dwelling in D.C., Senate, and Congress for the Global War Crimes prize, fire them all, and bring with due process the sword of justice to deal with them?

Which, for many cases, will also require A HECK OF A LOT OF...


... I am afraid.

Hasn't the "cruel joke" lasted enough already?

Just asking.

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That would be about the only thing that could redeem the fiasco of giving obama one.

if by chance he did win, they should bring it to him

not make him travel to get arrested.

The Establishment's Peace Price

is no prize at at all.

We need a grassroots Website solely committed to democratically awarding our own People's Peace Prize. This is a situation where democracy can really work. Any person in the World can place on vote for a candidate. Any person in the World can nominate one as well.

Too true.

You do not realize just how on the money you are.

The only thing that gives the Nobel peace price any credibility is belief.

When someone is voted by a world people, that is all the credibility one will ever need.

This would still take work by people who can organise, or market if it's an online affair.

Sounds like a great kickstarter project.

Front Page Bump!

Interesting article. Very interesting.

Thanks for the heads up, amc1953!

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Great news!

Thx for sharing

I second that nomination...

Worthless as the NPP may be, this is funny.

obama can now look forward to

obama can now look forward to joining the ranks of "criminals" should snowden win