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Something fishy about google news:

So I regularly use google news to try and keep up with the latest disinfo/misinfo the talking head are getting spun up about. When I open up google news, I see on the left hand side "Top Stories". On the main part of the page is one sample article covering each of the top stories.

It is presented to seem like the top stories are the most popular stories based on googles famous algorithmic interpretation of searches conducted at the time.

Here is the fishy part. Today the headline article is as you may imagine, the Zimmerman protests. However, listed on the left hand side Neither Zimmerman, Martin, or any other related tag cannot be found.

I have seen this before particularly when the media is trying to get a topic in the main stream narrative.

Everyone knows that Eric "bilderberg" Schmidt is a proud member of the establishment. That's not the news. That the news is that I think I just caught them in the act.

In other news, even with Zimmerman being the headline article, it still hasn't worked its way towards being a "Top story" (read: nobody cares)

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Google News is manipulated

I complained and they fixed the algorithm, within 48 hours is was displaying the 'manipulators' agenda.

The manipulations are two fold: Promote or Ignore.

For news I go to Daily Paul, LRC, Antiwar.com

I stopped using google news and tossed the shortcut sometime in 2007 as being just another MSM outlet.

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Everything on google is

Everything on google is geared toward the user. They base the results on your location, your past searches, and if you have a gmail account they will use the text from your inbox and sent mail to pick out key words for advertisements and search results.

I'm talking about 1 thing only

The disparity between the articles on the main page and the "Top Stories" list on the left hand side.


Same thing. They will be

Same thing. They will be different for each of us based on the things I mentioned. They aren't "top stories". They are top stories for what google thinks you want to read or for what they want 6u you to read.


It would take me a long time to explain it so I will just say this:

I just got on two completely unrelated work computers neither of which I had ever used, pulled up the news home pages and they were identical.

Incidentally they were also identical to my google news home page.

please try a similar experiment for yourself.


I second that

That's my experience and it goes for YouTube too.

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I was

thinking about covering the Zimmerman crap on my own webpage, but I said to my self... " You know what... I am going to go silent on this one". I would rather not be dragged into the media mess.