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New Law Permits Secret Evidence in ANY Civil Trial

The Justice and Security Act 2013 (JSA) came into force this month in the United Kingdom.
►Key provision contained within the legislation creates new judicial procedure which will permit use of secret evidence in any civil trial in the UK.

A judge will have the power to decide to present evidence to the court in secret, and without the defendant being granted access to the information. Defendants will have no opportunity to examine and challenge evidence presented against them.

This (same) principle is currently being employed in the case of the military trial currently under way against whistle-blower Bradley Manning. The UK government has now implemented a system that broadens this practice to include any civil trial involving issues of “national security”.

There are powerful reasons driving the ruling elite in Britain to adopt authoritarian measures such as the JSA which also allows for the Prohibition of evidence deemed 'sensitive' to national security.

Binyam Mohammed, a British citizen in bringing suit against the Government for being complicit in his torture in 2011, was able to expose evidence that directly implicated British agents in his torture as well as rendition, secret arrest and transport to CIA “black sites”.

Under the new regime, courts and defendants will no longer have these powers.


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anything not zimmerman :)

Tyranny United

You see the agendas coming together...
UK disarmed their citizenry years ago... ours under current assault.
UK has passed their version of NDAA and Patriot Act.
Any questions?

Secret Courts