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Martin Trayvon will win the 2014 elections. *UPDATED*

The reason this case was chosen as the "Reality TV" show of the month is quite apparent. And now with AG Erik Holder's recent announcement that they will continue to seek justice for Travon Martin. They will spin this all the way through the elections.

You heard it here first.


I just have explain why I posted the post the way I did. I had to undergo a procedure this morning and was under anesthesia. I wrote the post shortly after returning home and have been under the influence of hydrocodone all day. I am not well today but I will be ok. And I will not be offended if you make fun of me...I could use a little humor in my life right now...I've had a tough week!

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A White African American won

A White African American won last time, so maybe a White Hispanic can win this time.

How about

a white African Asian Hispanic Native American wins the election?

Only if they're a lesbian

just saying

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thanks for finding humor in

Thanks for finding humor in my post. I really didn't realize what I had posted. And as I said below...I am not well today. I should probably change it but ill see where it goes as is.

Anyway, my point was that this case is being politicized to win elections. Hopefully people can get passed my gauf and get the point.

I'd leave it the way it is.

I'd leave it the way it is. Sometimes I do my best writing when I'm drinking.

I wish I could have a

I wish I could have a drink...

Who is Martin Trayvon?

Is he a liberty candidate? What office is he running for?

You can count me in! FOR LIBERTY!!!



Lol! I just realized what I

Lol! I just realized what I posted! I had a procedure done and was put under anesthesia this morning and now I'm on hydrocodone for pain. I'm afraid I'm a little too groggy for posting right now. Perhaps I should put the DP away until I am we'll.

Just whatever you do,

Dont correct it!


But...why? I have a feeling

But...why? I have a feeling I'm going to endure more pain for posting this than what I had to go through this morning. Please be easy on me DP...I am not well today.