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You people are happy that a black kid is dead!

Sorry for the catchy title, but I thought I should start a topic on an issue that I see all over the net and wanted opinions from as many people as possible so that we can come up with a solution. I'm sure the title is going to get some hits.

The left is constantly using tactics to demonize opinions they don't agree with in an attempt to exclude the opinions from the conversation.

I'm using the Zimmerman discussion as an example.

For example, if I were to say "Blacks should learn be less confrontational and teach their children that the thug mentality is dangerous and will get you killed. Trayvon acted like a thug when he attacked Zimmerman and that is what got him killed."; I would immediately be called a racist and attacked relentlessly.

Nothing about what I said above should be considered racist. It is a legitimate comment. It doesn't show hate for blacks and it doesn't promote that whites are better than blacks. If anything, it is sound advice made in an attempt to help black community. I have given the exact same advice to white kids. If Trayvon wouldn't have acted like a thug, he wouldn't have died that night. Sorry everyone but it's that damn simple.

The left continues to call people racist when they aren't being racist in an attempt to demonize them and exclude them from the conversation.

The anti-conspiracy people do the same thing when anyone questions the official stories release by the media. If you question it, you are a conspiracy nutjob and immediately excluded from the conversion that is taking place among the so-called 'civilized, intellectual' community. Even though you may have a perfectly rational argument and the facts support your argument, you have already been labeled as a whack-a-do and in their eyes deserve no say in the conversation.

All the Ron Paul supporters here know what I mean. We have been called racist, nutjobs, kooks, hateful, Paul-bots, and many other things that we are not. It is all an attempt to exclude us from the conversation, because the left can't actually have a rational conversation with us and win. We always win with reason and logic. They are terrified about actually going toe-to-toe with us in a debate. Why do you thinK Ron Paul got so little time in the debates.

If anyone doesn't agree with anything I say above, then feel free to say so.

For those that understand where I coming from, I have to ask:

1. What can we do to counter these types of attacks without sounding desperate to do so?

2. Can we use their tactics to our advantages somehow?

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Don't fall into the TRAP the MSM has set for you

When you fall into the right by criticizing the left on something that is being pushed by only by PUNDITS AND TALKING HEADS ON MSM, you are doing exactly what they are programming you to do.

Yes, they are programming you, prodding you, generating the proper response from you. This is how they continually control the message.

Thanks to iowakureba whose post helped illuminate the trap.

Grouping, self declared logic and reason, etc

Your comment is racist and sure to offend many sensible people. I get what you're trying to say, but you're tarring so many of the wrong people with same brush you shouldn't be surprised that you're attacked.

"Blacks should learn..."

Should they? Or should you learn that giving unsolicited advice is likely to cause offense? You're giving advice to millions of people you don't even know. As someone who's unfairly called a nutjob for questioning certain information reported in the media, surely you can understand how offensive it is to be lumped in with others who don't represent you.

"...[to] be less confrontational..."

This part is racist. You presume all blacks are confrontational, which just isn't true. Even if we had some objective way to measure what constitutes confrontational behavior and 95% of blacks were confrontational you're still unfairly denigrating the other 5% with such a remark.

"...and teach their children that the thug mentality is dangerous and will get you killed."

You presume black parents don't try to prevent their children from growing up to be violent criminals. Easier said that done, for parents of any race.

And on a final note, hearing vague complaints about "the left" bugs me. It's a strawman argument because all you're doing is attacking the argument you made up, not an actual opponent.

Find the biggest intellectual opponent you can and explain the problem with the argument and philosophy. If we all focus on this we can change public opinion. Ron Paul has done a masterful job of it.

I'm Not Happy That Anyone Is Dead

But I don't want to see the situation compounded by having someone found guilty when the evidence, at the very least, provides for a reasonable doubt.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Just from the forensic

Just from the forensic evidence standpoint the case was open and shut - http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/autopsy-results-show-tra...

i don't agree with the statement

"Blacks should learn be less confrontational and teach their children that the thug mentality is dangerous and will get you killed. Trayvon acted like a thug when he attacked Zimmerman and that is what got him killed." (even if you didn't say it)

Because of the grouping by pigment.
As thought there might be some magical way of determining who is actually a apart of the 'black' or 'white' demographic

I do not believe that people are pre-disposed to behavior due to genetics, it all about how they were raised.

it is not color it is the culture

The problem is not a color of the skin issue, it is the culture. When a group of people do thungs a certain way because of certain believes they create a culture. And most if not all the troubles black communities experience are cultural not physical. The only "racial" problem should be that they are at higher risk for heart disease. But even that could be contributed to the culture as to the food they eat.

So it is necessary to examine the culture as to why a particular ethnic group are having so much issues! To be honest and face the fact that somehing is wrong with our culture is the first step to solutions.

Definitely agree with there.

I do believe it is about how you were raised. I don't like to group either but it's how people have been doing things for years. It's a tough habit to break. I was wondering how many views this would get. Why are we wasting any time even discussing this? Why are we so attracted to this type of news? How come my other post "How are you preparing for 2016?" is barely even being committed on? It seems all people want to do anymore is correct people when they think there wrong. Can we all stop wasting time on this shit and get back to trying to take back control of the government?

"Teach, your children

"Teach, your children well..."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I originally down voted the

I originally down voted the bad title, but then I read the post so I up voted it instead because dsmith83 makes a very good point about how the left uses the race card to essentially render us speechless.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I think the race card

is wearing a little thin. People are getting tired of being accused of being racist when they know they are not. Some day soon, it will have no meaning and no effect.
As for the Marten/Zimmerman trial - does it really make any difference if one was black and the other Hispanic? What if they both had been black, or both Hispanic? It makes no difference to me what their race is (I'm a mix of many races myself) the main thing was what happened.
The trial should never have happened and only did so because of our illegal president and the MSM.

"1. What can we do to counter

"1. What can we do to counter these types of attacks without sounding desperate to do so?"

Change your title. It grabs attention, but sounds desperate. I like the point you are making in the article. How about, "The Left is Using The Race Card To Silence Americans" ?

2. Can we use their tactics to our advantages somehow?

Yes, by exposing their tactics for what they are: communist propaganda tools.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


I've come to the conclusion the internet is just one huge shouting match. The people protesting are ignorant socialist's on welfare, or brainwashed college nut balls and there's nothing to be done except sit back and watch it all burn because it's only going to get worse. Semper Paratus.

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I hate to break it to you but it's all about...

I hate to break it to you but it's all about...







And what IS NOW REAAAAAAALLY tiring for me is that I lived it ALREADY in the 80s, then the 90s, in my 20s, in Europe, in my OWN country which is now going BANKRUPT AND MISERABLY ***R O T T E N*** because of French socialists voted in over and over again.









*** OR DIE ***

Sorry if I'm harsh.

But I OWE YOU this.



Bear with me.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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P.S. I should add and definitely end with:


I should add and definitely end with:

'think my comment was off-topic?

Please, think again.

Here's a hint. Here's America's near future if She doesn't wake up:

The End.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

It is all a beta test

All that you are seeing is a beta test, to see what it takes to get certain groups and individuals into the streets and their level of demonstrated violence once in the streets.

Right now they are analyzing everything that is going on and just how far and to what degree any violence will go. If it goes to far, then it is practice time for swat teams, Dept. of Homeland Security goons, and maybe even the military.

This country is very ill with no Doctor in sight.

The way you should go about it is to confront the real killer.

Society, the death of dreams.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

What does the Great White

What does the Great White African American President BO do now?

What's the MSM gonna do about all the white people running around with all the black people in the streets protesting together? Divide and conker is not working.

consider this: we as a

consider this:

we as a civilization are not wise enough to deal with evidence and reason. We enjoy and revel in sensationalism and are conditioned to believe what interested men in authority want us to believe. Truth and evidence is subjective and guys like Al Sharpton and Coral could care less about reality, they are charismatic psychopaths that are rewarded for their actions. Lying works.

What tactics can you use on a moron to learn computer programing.... absolutely nothing, not even force, it wont happen.

We are doomed to repeat history because our behavior is cyclical like the wave of the ocean.

You people?!?!

You people?!?!

This case is a huge example

Of how citizens are hypnotized into the left/right paradigm.

They are told what to think on one side or the other based on their general beliefs and lose the ability to think critically.

And thus is born another sheeple.

If the black community should be outraged, it should be by the percentage of their community which populates our prison system. That is a large scale concern.

The Zimmerman case is nothing but an idle summer distraction. Whether Zimmerman was found innocent or guilty, it changes nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing.

100% agree. That's why I

100% agree. That's why I don't understand why so many people are blatantly buying into the 'right' side of the paradigm on this website, and then complaining about people who are buying into the 'left' side. This is a Ron Paul website right?

Simple solutions

The most simple solution to almost all of our problems in America would be to turn off the television and to never again turn it back on. News can be extracted from our fellow public on the internet though many people would still visit CNN.com or any of the other mainstream venues. But a blanket boycott of MSM is perhaps the greatest thing that any of us could do, I think. After all when disinformation and lies no longer have any social relevance when most of us are after the truth then how does it serve us to continue tuning into it?

Whatever media spin MSM wants to do they are all, in their entirety, programming you for a reason with agenda attached. Of course alternative media is not perfect by any stretch but at least branching out keeps the mind open enough to maintain critical thinking.

So what is the government/media's agenda with this case?

What is the media and government trying to do here?

Do they want to use this to trample on the right to bear arms?

If that's what they are doing, then how can we ignore cases like this and not try to defend Zimmerman and the rule of law?

Primary motive = getting blacks angry and motivated

Motivated for what???? that's the thing, once their whipped into a frenzy like this they can be a powerful (read LOUD) force that can be steered by the media, jackson, sharpton, etc to support whatever issues they want.

I suspect they will be pushed towards gun control but we shall see. Perhaps Sharpton and Jackson will take what little money they have in donations and then just leave them behind.

Whatever happens its these throngs of uneducated supports who are being taken advantage of by the media and their leaders.

Its sad really.

i almost want to say

i almost want to say something racist like "one less piece of s___ n___ to have to deal with" but i won't say that.

f___ all forms of govt.

using terms like "black community" & "white kids"

shows you view people in terms of their skin color and make presumptions based on that. Not necessarily racism, since you didn't harm them due to these distinctions. However, lumping people in groups based on skin color is ignorant, and counterproductive.

Ignoring that people are different is just as ignorant

and counterproductive.

Some people are black, some are white, some our asian, some are men, some are women, some are kids, some are nice and some are thugs.

The plain truth is people are what they are and any presumptions or stereotypes are a result each individual's past dealing with similar people and a rather natural instinct.

Rather than get mad at someone for making those assumptions, you should focus your energy at helping people change the way they act so as not feed those stereotypes.

"Lumping people into groups" ?

People are already identified with groups without having to "lump them". We are all naturally tribal. Why do you think so many blacks are now upset that one of their tribe got killed and they did not achieve vengeance through the courts? They either assume he was innocent because he was one of theirs, or they don't care whether he was innocent or guilty -- for the same reason.

Maybe it is time we accepted that people are tribal and found ways to work with it instead of denying reality all the time. And group identity does not preclude individual identity and consideration. They can and do coexist. In the past, such tribal differences and identities were recognized and (in theory, excepting occasional wars, etc.) respected by means of borders.


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You People?

You People? That is collectivism. ;- P

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!