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For NSA Chief, Terrorist threat Drives Passion To 'Collect It All,' Observers Say - VIDEO

For NSA Chief, Terrorist threat Drives Passion To 'Collect It All,' Observers Say - VIDEO

By Ellen Nakashima and Joby Warrick, Published: July 14

In late 2005, as Iraqi roadside bombings were nearing an all-time peak, the National Security Agency’s newly appointed chief began pitching a radical plan for halting the attacks that were killing or wounding a dozen Americans a day.

At the time, more than 100 teams of U.S. analysts were scouring Iraq for snippets of electronic data that might lead to the bomb-makers and their hidden factories. But the NSA director, Gen. Keith B. Alexander, wanted more than mere snippets. He wanted everything: Every Iraqi text message, phone call and e-mail that could be vacuumed up by the agency’s powerful computers.

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Come on Glenn

Come on Glenna and Edward...You guys have the "manual", tell us what we can do to avoid them violating our 4th Amendment.
Those in Government will never stop with this "terrorist" crap that's been, and will continue to be perpetuated on the populace.
They've found something that can never be defeated until we are all like "sheep"...completely at their mercy with no rights whatsoever.

It's an obsessive compulsive

It's an obsessive compulsive psychological disorder. I wonder if these people can be removed from office for having a mental disorder like Gen. Keith B. Alexander. I wonder if there's a drug to help treat their syndrome?