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What if George Zimmerman was a Police Officer?

It is not my intention with this post to judge the innocence or guilt of George Zimmerman. A jury has acquitted him of charges for the murder of Trayvon Martin. The jury has seen and examined the evidence more than I nor any online armchair juror has. Rather it is reaction of the media and the public at large over the case that I find interesting, if not perplexing.

Over at the Lew Rockwell blog, Butler Shaffer makes an interesting observation about the closing argument the prosecution made in their case against Zimmerman:

Toward the end of the state’s summation, it was said that if a person wanted to do what George Zimmerman did “you’d better have one of these” (whereupon a photo of a policeman’s badge was projected onto the screen).

When the prosecutor refers to “what George Zimmerman did” he is likely referring to his activities as a private citizen participating in his local “Neighborhood Watch” program. It was under this auspice that Zimmerman was operating when he called 911 and reported what he saw as the suspicious behavior of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was operating as part of a voluntary organization of neighbors who have gathered together to protect their neighborhood, which had been subject to a series of burglaries.

The implication here is not that Zimmerman did anything wrong by finding Martin’s behaviors suspicious, nor by reporting that activity or keeping an eye on his movements. Zimmerman’s real sin was not having “the badge”. Because he was a private citizen and not an employee of the State, Zimmerman’s actions leading up to the incident with Martin were somehow less valid than if he were a “certified” member of law enforcement.

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Good article! Funny you

Good article! Funny you mention this, because I was thinking about the exact same scenario yesterday. I completely agree with the scenario that if Zimmerman were a cop, he would in no way be brought to trial for 2nd degree murder.

The police did kill Trayvon

If a cop shot Trayvon Martin, then, yes, the cop should be sent to prison for manslaughter or second degree murder. A cop could have used a taser or called for backup before he discharged his weapon. But Zimmerman did not have such luxuries at his disposal. Where where the police to protect him? Where were the police to protect Trayvon? Police don't protect and serve anybody but themselves. If any harm should come to Zimmerman from this time forward, then it is proof positive that the police, military, and Homeland Security cannot keep Americans safe. Safety comes from self-protection and our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, even machine guns and tanks, if that is what is necessary for self-protection in this degenerating cesspool of corruption that is America.

matters not

wut if brack was a Merikan

I had to bury my head

at work today listening to co-workers argue about this. Mostly because they were both wrong.

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Me too

"I feel your pain." - William Jefferson Clinton

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


A police badge is a license to kill.


I tried to make a funny but it wasn't funny..this is the best I can do to make right

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"what if..."

aint real.

stop the useless nonsense!


My point is to point out the double standard that exists towards the actions of law enforcement vs. that of private citizens. In this instance, I find the analogy to current events helpful.

Sorry you didn't!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I think you make a great

I think you make a great point. People have deranged ideas about what is and what is not authority.

I concur

Very good take on this