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GOP is the Stupid Party when it comes to amnesty, they have never gotten a single vote from giving Amnesty

When the GOP gives amnesty, there is only one thing they succeed at, and that electing Democrats and idiots like Obama. Here are the numbers:

Not once has the Party garnered the Hispanic Vote in the Republican Party

These statistics are taken from a Pew Research Poll.

 1980  56% Carter     Reagan    35%

1984  61% Mondale Reagan    37%

 1988  69% Dukakis  Bush 41   30%

(Amnesty in 1986 resulted in 7% drop)

1992  61% Clinton   Bush 41   25%

1996  72% Clinton   Dole         21%

2000  62% Gore       Bush 43   35% 

(After 6 yrs as Gov, Bush trails Gore by 27%)

 2004  58% Kerry     Bush 43   40%

2008  67% Obama   McCain   31%

2012  71% Obama   Romney   27%

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They're just taking orders

from their (banker NWO) bosses. GOP - bah, hum-bug!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


i must have taken too long to create this, it never posted