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Government Math (or) The Missing Dollar Puzzle

(even if you've heard this one before it's still a brain tickler. Where did that darn dollar go???)

Three traveling businessmen stop at a motel late one night. The clerk tells them he is sorry but there is only one room available. The men agree to share the room and split the cost of $30 amongst them, each paying $10.

After they've gotten the key and checked in the clerk realizes he's made a mistake - the room should have only cost $25. He calls the bellhop, gives him $5 and tells him to return it to the men.

On the way to the room the bellhop realizes that $5 is hard to split 3 ways, the businessmen aren't even expecting a refund, and no one will ever be the wiser. So he pockets $2, knocks on the door, and hands each of the men $1 each.

So now, instead of having paid $10 each, the businessmen have only paid $9 each for the hotel room. $9 times 3 = $27, plus the $2 the bellhop kept = $29.

Where did the missing dollar go?

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made me scratch my head

I kept wanting to add the $2 to the $25 instead of subtracting it.
Good one.

$30 is a red herring

Price was $27.




The men paid $27

$2 stolen from the $27 = the $25 price.

You can't reverse accounting.

But the Government can...:)


I love this

riddle, I gave to my kids for a math problem....they were not amused.

Cruel to be kind...

I like it.

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