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How are you preparing for 2016?

2016 is approaching and I want to ask:

What is everyone doing to prepare for the Rand Paul campaign?

For example, I collected a dozen old white bed sheets from the local college students as they were moving out of there dorms. I plan to use them for large "Stand with Rand" banners. I've also been putting a little cash aside specifically for the campaign.

Any good ideas?

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Me Personally...

I am working on losing weight because if I need to make any political speeches, I need to use my vanity. I know that sounds pretty horrible, but in 2012, the republican party basically elected a haircut with a man attached. Come to think of it, my great state of Texas did the same thing 3 times for our governor. I would suggest to all of you, if you are going to get into the shit during the election season, you might as well look pretty doing it.