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Greenwald Explains Doomsday Insurance


When you give many interviews in different countries and say essentially the same thing over and over, as I do, media outlets often attempt to re-package what you've said to make their interview seem new and newsworthy, even when it isn't. Such is the case with this Reuters article today, that purports to summarize an interview I gave to the daily newspaper La Nacion of Argentina.

That Snowden has created some sort of "dead man's switch" - whereby documents get released in the event that he is killed by the US government - was previously reported weeks ago, and Snowden himself has strongly implied much the same thing. That doesn't mean he thinks the US government is attempting to kill him - he doesn't - just that he's taken precautions against all eventualities, including that one...


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I hope this isnt some tactic

US trapped Snowden in Russia mid transit to other countries. Now Snowden appears to have confidential information that I believe could set off a bomb of riots. If the Joker were alive, he would use this in favor of his cause for chaos.

Lets not fool ourselves, We all know who the domestic targets are for this mass surveillance program.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

"the whole point of a

"the whole point of a doomsday machine is lost if you keep it a secret" - Dr. Strangelove


Edward Snowden will not be

Edward Snowden will not be murdered like Michael Hastings without devastating repercussions to the Federal Government spying apparatus and TPTB. As it should be. You don't play tidily winks with Satin.

Michael...Do You Mean Satan?

Or R U Being A Wise Guy?



anything not zimmerman :)