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The Ultimate False Flag, What Will They Pull Off Next?

Remember The Maine, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, Oklahoma City, WTC 1993, 911, 311, The Underwear Bomber, WMD, Anthrax, Ricin, Sandy Hook, Boston, what's next?

Obama and his party look like a bunch of lame ducks waddling along. I'm actually worried for him...I may not like him as a president, but I still love and respect him as a man and wish him well for I do not know his true intentions, or mission. Could Obama possibly be a good guy? My mind is never closed, and I admit that there are things I will never know.

Could the people behind Obama be planning some kind of false flag assassination attempt?

Would they go so far as to fake the president's, "death?"

In no way do I wish to see this happen, real or fake because of the political ramifications...republicans would be screwed, and a wife and her children would no longer have their father.

I am worried for the president because I think he could be getting set up by people within his own party. A true democrat would sacrifice one of their own, "for the greater good," in their eyes.

I hate to think like a democrat, but they must be saying to themselves right now, "If the president got shot, we win in 2016."

And who's sitting directly behind the president?

Hillary Clinton.

Vince Foster's ghost made me write this.

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