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Zimmerman posts far exceed Manning posts

Two men are on trial at the same time. The first one, Bradley Manning, has given up his freedom to expose the corrupt war machinery. Ron Paul has praised Bradley Manning. The other man is George Zimmerman.

The sad truth is that Bradley Manning has received miniscule attention on the Daily Paul compared to what GZ has received here. Some claim that it's because GZ was getting shafted and deserved a fair trial. Surely no one here thinks that what is happening to Manning is fair. Seriously?

By remaining silent about the injustices in the Manning case, the Daily Paul community is allowing the government to try Manning in secret so his message does not get out. What do you think the government will do if they get their hands on Snowden? As we saw with Ron Paul, the best way to kill a message is to ensure that it is not reported.

Has the Daily Paul community changed since the days that we cheered Ron Paul for standing up to the neocons like Rudy G. Are we distracted by shiny objects now?

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True, I agree, and It is a crying shame!

But this Zimmerman case is also bigger than just the case, its more about its use as a tool to stir up racial anger by tptb.

Many are trying to counteract that by pointing out the facts that show, it was a CLEAR case of self defence.

But Manning, Snowden, Hastings, Benghazi, IRS, AP scandal, Karen Hudes, and all the other info about the atrocities taking place right now should be at the forefront of peoples minds. Alas, the media has done a good job in making sure that does not happen for those that are not "Awake".

I see this Zimmerman case another great opportunity to show the people they have been played, once again, by the media. Hopefully when some realise the truth they will see exactly that, and then hopefully start thinking more independently, instead of simply believing what they hear in the MSM.

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bump to this.

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