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Why is the MSM now driving everyone's attention to the Zimmerman trial and Edward Snowden?

What is going on behind the media blitz that needs to be covered up?

Whistle blowers have already disclosed what Snowden has disclosed, and are thankful the story is finally in the news.

But why is it in the news now? I think it has to be, there are whistle blowers everywhere, some more damaging than others (for the time being).

It's a case of triage, and the MSM is being used to run the show, telling the American People what they should focus their attention on.

One thing I think is as big if not bigger than Watergate is this.

"The Watergate of Whistleblowers that could bring down Hillary Rodham Clinton"


I think it is the Agenda that Hillary has been championing that CAN'T be allowed to enter public discussion.

Snowden, broke through because he learned from the whistle blowers before him, and he chose a different avenue to expose the corruption, and no one in the government is denying anything he exposed, they just want to focus the MSM on him to be a traitor, and keep that in the public attention.

Others are learning from him.

I wonder what the Law Firm in Dallas has that caused the double break in? And I wonder how many whistle blowers are coming out, causing our MSM to divert attention away from everything and everyone bringing out the truth?

It is obvious to me that the battle for the minds of Americans is ON in a major way by the corrupt that live by deception.

Don't bite on it, and don't be fooled.


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Because.It.Sells. People like


People like watching this kind of stuff. It provides for very good drama. It is pure market forces driving these.

Over the past 30+ years, the news has become a for-profit endeavor.

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Is covering Snowden. Not the NSA, not the spying programs, not the corporate complicity.

They are covering Snowden. Should Snowden go to jail. Should Greenwald go to jail. Snowden is stuck. How long will he be stuck for. When will he be brought to justice. Where will Snowden end up.

Zimmerman trial is being used to re-divide us into left/right thought prisons so we quit thinking and start watching TV again.

Your a smart one base I know ya know what I mean. *winks meaningfully*

I posted somewhere on a different thread concerning Benghazi "if proof turns up that Hillary Clinton knew about a program where the CIA was recruiting Al Queda and Jihadists from Libya and Egypt to be armed and sent to Syria to pretend to be Syrian 'rebels' she is finished.