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Wanna be coward cop kills kid

So the MSM has won and have made this a polarizing discussion. Early on I was amazed this was arising to a national debate. Jesus, Zimmeran is not even white, can you leave us white people out of this, this time around.

I knew from the start that Zimmerman would get off but had this gut check that it was all wrong. Here we have some wanna be cop with a conceal and carry that cannot hold his own to a 17 year old kid. Zimmerman had no purpose serving as he did as his neighborhood watch commander or whatever position her severed.

Justified after the verdict he may be, Zimmerman is the same cop that is shooting dogs, as we see so often. They are cowards, never had a serious altercation in their life and have no mind to deal with such. He had no place being where he was and when some 17 year old kid who was much tougher than him, who probably felt threatened got the best of him got shot.

I am 48 years old and have been in my share of fights. I don't look for them and try to stay clear at all cost. I have won most but have my scars so I look at Zimmerman as some pussy wanna be who got his ass kicked. My god, screaming "help me" makes you a pussy in my book. I want him to serve time for just being such a coward and screaming for help after he put himself in that position.

It has been my belief that law enforcement agencies have always hired totally naive people like him or the other extreme of hyper reactive aggressive assholes. All in all, wanna be cop Zimmerman put himself into the situation and got his coward ass handed to him and killed someone. Should he had been acquitted? Yes.

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Did You Copy And Paste This?

from an MSNBC article?

Some people are gonna have to

Some people are gonna have to rethink their game plan in preparation for the economic collapse. We're keeping our guns and can use them prolifically in self defense against every attacker, should the need arise.

What about Bradley Manning?

What about Bradley Manning, the young hero who exposed the atrocities permitted by this administration on the citizens of foreign countries who is being persecuted quietly while the DOJ and Obozo keep the racial fires burning over this circus?

Where is the media, the outrage, the good people so upset with injustice?

What a joke!

Scream injustice for a violent banger and sleep while a hero is being persecuted!

How proud you all must be of yourselves!

If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it's in English thank a soldier!

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
- Alexis de Tocqueville

He was not a kid

Kids are those little darlings that come to my door during Halloween looking for trick or treats...or those girls that sell cookies in front of the stores with their troops/mom, etc.
Kids are those young'uns that play baseball and such, this Trayvon Martin that attacked an adult man was not a kid.
He was a wanna be Gang'sta, who boasts of fighting and beating up people. Stop calling this punk a kid.
You demonize GZ as a coward, wanna be cop, why didn't you also call this spade a spade too? MSM has really done a number on you, they portrayed GZ as a wanna be cop, but said nothing of the wanna be Gang'sta Punk.
You reveal you bias in your post's title.
Seventeen is old enough to be charged as an adult in most states if a serious crime is committed. A hoodie represents just like certain colors represent...Please, take the time to think, and not let society perpetuate its will upon you. OK

The original poster only used

The original poster only used facts and opinions and didnt blur the two, so I'm cool with this post.

Just like this case is not

Just like this case is not clear cut enough to be used by Civil Rights advocates, this case is the same way for gun rights advocates. Not guilty, for sure. Other than that, stop assuming things.

Also, I agree with anyone who thinks we should be talking about something more important anyway.

And I didn't think the Zimmerman hatred could get any more dumb

then you go and post this nonsense.

You Can't Fix Stupid

Was Zimmerman being a bit stupid? Probably. Is this similar to the recent dog killing video? No. Zimmerman was getting beat for 45 seconds prior to killing Trayvon. The dog in the dog/cop video jumped a little, like ALL dogs do, and the police officer way overreacted and murdered the dog.

If Trayvon popped out from no where and Zimmerman opened fire like a mad man I'd say the two would be similar.


You are right slamhead, citizens have NO right to patrol thier neighborhood, to look out for thier neighbors. Acoording to you it is the States Job to protect you like the baby you are.

Hmm who said Lincoln didn't make eveyone equal by signing some law .. it was Sam Colt who made everyone equal

Not at all what I am saying.

Just saying if you you put your self in that position you better have the where with all to deal with it.

Instead of trying to rip the

Instead of trying to rip the guy apart why don't we educate the kid on self defense :)

Just a thought...

I'm all for mandatory gun

I'm all for mandatory gun training in schools.

Please think before you speak.

I'm speechless. What the heck do you think you're accomplishing.

Are you lost? What the hell

Are you lost? What the hell are you doing here?

Are you Serious!?

Clearly "slamhead" has had his head slammed one too many times before to actually suggest that people are "pussies" for having the restraint to not fight back. Just goes to show you that even 5 and a half years on the DP some are still clueless about being a good human being.

For a 48-year-old, you have quite a bit of growing up to do, sir.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I am very much grown up

but tend to look at the reality of things.

Reality is what you make it, friend.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I think he is off for saying

the guy was a pussy for calling for help but your statement is totally ignorant. Sorry Ninja but how is shooting someone showing "restraint to not fight back."? I am floored that you would say such a thing.

The idea of "restraint to not fight back" does not even apply to this situation. Zimmerman was apparently unable to successfully fight back so he used his gun. There is absolutely no evidence that he "restrained" and the fact that he used deadly force proves he didn't restrain at all.

There is a time when not fighting back is a show of inner strength but that is really only the case when you know you can fight back, especially if you know you can kick the opponents ass, but you don't. In such a case there is no greater show of strength.

I agree with the OP that Zimmerman was a puss but not because he yelled for help. That is ignorant talk because there is no shame in yelling for help when you need it. But there was no show of restraint from GZ or TM.

I can gladly explain:

• Zimmerman was punched in the face—he did not discharge his weapon = RESTRAINT

• Martin jumped on him and began to "ground and pound" his face—Zimmerman STILL did NOT discharge his weapon instead he called for help = RESTRAINT

• It was only when Martin went to grab Zimmerman's gun when he saw it was now a Life and Death situation and he made the decision to shoot his attacker rather than lose his own life. Oh, yeah Zimmerman shot Martin ONCE = RESTRAINT

The death of Martin didn't even become apparent to Zimmerman until after the fact as he thought Martin said "You Got Me" as a sign of surrender due to the shot fired and not that he actually shot him.

How's that? Clear it up for you? Would you just lay there and let someone beat in your face and let them grab your weapon to either shoot you or someone else one day?

To add my personal view: All acts of violence are wrong in my eyes. I have genuine sadness for all loss of life. I have never been in a physical conflict because I have always been able to diffuse or avoid an escalation into an altercation. I have never held a firearm and I don't intend to. However, if I felt my life was threatened I don't think I would be spiritually enlightened enough to let it be. My animal instinct for survival would kick in and I would defend my existence on this Earth.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You can color it how you want.

But I know BS when I hear it. You make it sound like some lame movie. "Bang!" "Ugh, you got me." What a crock.

They got in a fight and when Zimmerman realized that no one was going to help him he shot. Stop trying to make the guy out a some poor completely innocent and brave person who was magnanimous for showing much restraint.

Travon Martin was a punk and George Zimmerman was a wannabe authority figure. Both were looking for confrontation. Zimmerman had an ace in the hole and made dam sure he played his hand right and won. Two POS and one piece walked away. Case closed.

Stop being melodramatic.

LMFAO! Yeah, I'm the one being dramatic.

I'm not coloring it like anything. That's what the evidence showed so if you have a problem with the verdict and your system of justice, that's your drama.

Yeah, you're right though, one POS attacked an armed POS and got his POS ass taken off this planet. Case closed indeed.

Let's get back to important news around the world.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

what a joke.

So, if someone got in your house at night and successfully zip-tied you up then stabbed you in the gut 5 times while you were still asleep... you would wake up and definitely NOT scream or call for help because you don't want to appear to be a pansy, right? lol...

also, a cop shoots a dog BEFORE it actually attacks them.
george shot, 1 time, unlike the cops who empty a clip into a dog, AFTER he was a bloody mess on the concrete and was told he was going to die tonight....

no difference to you?
LOL... what a fuhkin joke.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Apples and oranges

perhaps...just saying.


This post belongs on Huffington's forums. AFter all, you picked up the MSNBC "Wanna Be Cop" tagline, simple as that.

Al Sharpton's waiting for you to lick his boots clean before he pimps out all over dis n shizzle.


I saw him as a busy body from the first time I heard the story...MSM or not. George Zimmerman is a cop calling coward...40+ times he called? Am I wrong?


These types of posts make me wonder how anyone with a mind to promote such hate ever got associated with the Liberty movement.

It's not about HATE

It's about NATURE. Understanding how NATURE works is the VERY CORE of libery.


Nature did not make Martin jump Zimmerman and throw him to the ground. Or perhaps nature did, are you saying that it's a persons nature to fight someone whom you've never met or seen before? For the belief of being followed, harrassed, or even questioned as to their intentions?

Correct me if I'm wrong, the area Martin was in is a gated community correct? So in essence, Zimmerman had every right to follow, or pursue Martin because of his obligation to do so. Hench the call to dispatch, which proved Zimmerman did not continue following when told not to do so(if you listened to the entire recording you'd know this, unlike Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow). However, after the initial discontinuation of pursuit a fight broke out. As evidence showed there were wet stains on Martins pants, directly on the knees, and Zimmermans head injuries clearly showed a lack of restraint on the part of the Martin. Obviously not your normal fight, as eyewitnesses testified to seeing Martin ontop of Zimmerman just before the fight ended.

But never mind all that, nature is what we should concern ourselves with correct? So you consider this incident nature, or, natural to an individuals idea of liberty? The liberty to jump ontop of and beat senselessly another armed individual? And where does the nature of protecting ones self from such instances of aggression fall?

Regardless of whether or not he pursued Martin with malcontent, the community atlarge gave Zimmerman the right to do so. He was their security at the time wasn't he? And there had been a rash of burglaries as well had there not been? And Martin already had a questionable record correct?

So, once again, it's not about hate?

Very insightfull

but when you bring up nature there is the instinct of flight or fight. It is ingrain in many. Whether the kid felt threatened and fought we will never know. He did have a hand in his death, I will not deny that.

So again, Zimmerman said

So again, Zimmerman said "Okay". That doesn't mean that he stopped following MArtin. People seem to forget this.

We know that Martin has engaged in quasi-vigilantism before. Sometimes, to very good effect; he was responsible for catching someone fleeing a breaking-and-entering scene. He disregarded advice from the 911 dispatch and did the police's job for them

In that case, he might have done the right thing. But this shows how the guy was a little overzealous.

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Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

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