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Wanna be coward cop kills kid

So the MSM has won and have made this a polarizing discussion. Early on I was amazed this was arising to a national debate. Jesus, Zimmeran is not even white, can you leave us white people out of this, this time around.

I knew from the start that Zimmerman would get off but had this gut check that it was all wrong. Here we have some wanna be cop with a conceal and carry that cannot hold his own to a 17 year old kid. Zimmerman had no purpose serving as he did as his neighborhood watch commander or whatever position her severed.

Justified after the verdict he may be, Zimmerman is the same cop that is shooting dogs, as we see so often. They are cowards, never had a serious altercation in their life and have no mind to deal with such. He had no place being where he was and when some 17 year old kid who was much tougher than him, who probably felt threatened got the best of him got shot.

I am 48 years old and have been in my share of fights. I don't look for them and try to stay clear at all cost. I have won most but have my scars so I look at Zimmerman as some pussy wanna be who got his ass kicked. My god, screaming "help me" makes you a pussy in my book. I want him to serve time for just being such a coward and screaming for help after he put himself in that position.

It has been my belief that law enforcement agencies have always hired totally naive people like him or the other extreme of hyper reactive aggressive assholes. All in all, wanna be cop Zimmerman put himself into the situation and got his coward ass handed to him and killed someone. Should he had been acquitted? Yes.

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I upvoted your post

because I am in total agreement with your opinion. Notice I said opinion because thats what I believe it is. I started another post along the same lines as yours and all hell broke loose.

I don't watch MSN news but while making coffee this morning a news anchor was reported that a jurist has come forward to talk about why they acquitted Zimmerman. She claimed they had no choice. Many wanted to find him guilty but couldn't. She claimed many of the woman were sobbing when they cast their vote. They like me felt that yes they believed Martin threw the first punch but did not believe Zimmermans account on how that confrontation went down.

What is most bizarre is in one of my posts, on my thread, I stated had I been on that jury I would have had to vote to acquit him too but that does not mean I did not think Zimmerman was not guilty. This jurist stated exactly almost word for word what I would have had to do and felt.

Let me warn you. It won't be long before the hounds attack you for this post. I was accused of not knowing the facts. Well here is a jurist that sat through this whole trial, voted to acquit him but believed he was guilty and many others on that jury apparently felt the same way.

Another oddity is that Zimmerman claims Trayvon was beating his brains in but yet he had enough energy and strength to scream for help loud enough for residents to here him.

The saving grace in all of this is that Zimmerman will pay a huge price for what he did. I guess that justice finds its way in the universe.

Well here is a jurist that

Well here is a jurist that sat through this whole trial, voted to acquit him but believed he was guilty and many others on that jury apparently felt the same way.

Why if you believed him to be guilty would you vote to acquit him? What exactly was he guilty of? 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, or manslaughter?

Funny that you think people are attacking you when they just are questioning your logic.


I think I have explained this about ten times.

In the OJ Simpson trial, many

In the OJ Simpson trial, many of the jurors felt that Simpson probably did it...but that the prosecution did a terrible job it and, and based on what was present in the trial alone, reasonable doubt had arisen. As such, they had no choice but to say "not guilty". It is the same case here. Reasonble doubt. Had Martin killed Zimmerman, there would also have been reasonable doubt.

Once there is reasonable doubt, a juror's job is simple.

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slamhead are you that dumb?

Or are you nothing but a provocateur?

It takes an adult to know the difference between right and wrong. You however are not mature enough to realize that reasonable doubt is there to protect the innocent as much as the guilty from unjust sentencing.

If you are such a bad ass grab a rope and go to Florida. That's if you think you are so right and six women didn't do a difficult job to the best of their ability?

Grow up!

There is no Left vs. Right, only Tyranny vs. Freedom!


I am very intelligent and perhaps you missed the last line of my post where I said Zimmerman was rightly acquitted.

I also up-voted your post...

People really should read entire posts before thumbs downing.

I did. I definitely think he should have been acquitted, too. He was.

But, as a die-hard 2nd-Amendment advocate who proposes a return to citizen militias and/or private security where ever possible I also understand that to acheive that we need to set extremely good examples of how to keep a community secure. We need to be extra responsible, extra capable, and able to handle a situation like that, even to the point of having to use or threaten force, without someone ending up dead.

If we cannot do that, then we may as well put up with Goon Squad PD.
We have to be better than the police, at protecting ourselves and our communities. We must hold ourselves to higher standard that the police, not a lower standard.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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You make some pretty old points.

He was/is a wannabe cop and would be the kind of nazicopthug that kills dogs, tasers mentally ill children, and drags grandmas out of their cars.

Here is where I question your logic, though. When these stupid, low IQ thugs shoot dogs and taser kids, don't we want their heads on a platter?

So, what I am saying, I guess, is that GZ was not actually in uniform so we haven't been looking for his pound of flesh, per se. So, really, I don't think you can go "there".

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