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Californians Think Vice President Joe Biden is DEAD

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Joe Biden is DEAD!

His spirit is DEAD. He just won't lie down..

Always thought he was

Brain Dead.




I'm from California.

The place where this interview was filmed is populated mostly by tourists on any given day. Calling random people you meet at Oside Pier "Californians" is like calling all the people at the gym in January body builders. Sure some are bodybuilders, but most are just there for a few weeks to pretend that they are going to follow through on another new years resolution.

There are uninformed people everywhere folks.

Santa Monica Peir

And you are right, most are tourists, so you make a great point, "Most Americans Don't Know Why Joe Biden Is".

Oceanside pier

100% positive. Not trying to "correct" you- I hate doing that here... people can get mad. Anyway, nice new pic you have there... I will miss seeing the Suzuki Samurai:)

Was that Santa Monica?

I've been gone long enough that it seems I am getting rusty. Thanks for letting me know.

Doesn't change my point though as Santa Monica is no different.


It's on the South side of the pier,, near the strand.. Dice is catching folks who head North from Venice Beach.

this is why our govt can kill people/s

fish in a barrel

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


Um...that should be "some" Californians think Vice President Joe Biden is dead.

Doug Eberhardt
San Diego, CA

P.S. Stupid video.

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Exactly Doug

Oside pier is my stomping ground... most people I talk to are tourists visiting California. (Not saying there aren't stupid Californians, since there is too much evidence IE Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown, etc.)

Calling everyone you talk to at a CA tourist attraction Californians, is more than a stretch.

What it must be like

to live in such a bubble.

I bet

just about everyone of those people believe or would believe in CHEM TRAILS...ha ha ha

"you're supposed to be

"you're supposed to be DEAD!"
"I'm getting better....."

~Monty Python and the holy grail

Shows how unimportant the government is

Joe Biden the un electect 2nd in command. The Zionist IzUnReal Rothschild puppet scum. The good news is that they dont know him or care who he is. Congress Is Less Popular than Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies.

So instead of calling the puppet scum who call themselves government stupid, we call the people who are trying to live in spite of these swine, zombie.

I say the zombies are Joe Biden and crew not the people on the street.


Marks's the confused one,

thinking whatever name's attached to whoever's in that office matters.

Defend Liberty!

Americans are stupid. We get

Americans are stupid. We get it already Mark Dice.


And they call us Southerners dumb. Cuz we all Crackas down heea.


Eat a dick, dice. Why don't

Eat a dick, dice. Why don't you go swing from Alex Jones' nuts and while you're down there stick your head up his ass breathe in deeply cuz I know you'll enjoy it. Then kiss it passionately from the inside and film a poop porn with him, you lemming, misinformation and general ignorance capitalist, mouth breathing, smug shit-eating grinned, lying neanderthal.

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I read the rules. I don't

I read the rules. I don't think they were meant to prevent people from posting something that contains the equivalent of a few dirty jokes.

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oh, that changes things. I

oh, that changes things. I thought you just wanted me reported and banished, so thanks for the heads-up


Exit left


Mr. Punker, your comment is without a doubt the nastiest, most vulgar thing I have ever seen on the DP.

that was the point.

that was the point.

If you think you have

justification to harass him, why don't you wait until he actually says something horrible? If you're that justified, it's inevitable, right? When you just throw out random harassment, it makes you look like a stalker.

Defend Liberty!

just so you know I was

just so you know I was half-joking - I don't like the guy because I've seen a lot of his videos, but that was obviously intentionally wayyyyy over the top...

awww you guys don't like my

awww you guys don't like my commentary? And here I was thinking I was just starting to fit in here...but go ahead and vote my comments down to the point where no one can see them - whatever...but you guys are too serious sometimes...Loosen up, relax, take a rest, buddy. :)

The Daily Paul isn't a place for cracking jokes.

We are here to discuss serious issues like the Zimmerman trial, Jenny McCarthy on the view, and the failure of our education system. #sarcasm