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A Toast To The Dead

Regardless of which "side" you've taken I'm sure we can all agree this whole Zimmerman/Martin fiasco was truly a tragedy, but so are the constant shootings a mile from me in Gary, IN (murder capital per capita not too long ago) as well as the multiple killings that happen daily in my favorite city, Chicago - just a 30 minute drive away and the skyline visible from my porch, so are the incredible number of overdoses that are plaguing the two counties I'm on the border of: I've got 4 dead friends - thanks drug war. So this is for all of the above...."Rest In Peace"
PS Any dead people you'd like to add to the toast - well, you know how to add a comment.

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have a toast w/ me - we can be unified on an apolitical issue like showing respect for the dead. Listen to the whole song before you judge the post it's timely.

if you dont drink, smoke to

if you dont drink, smoke to the head

first thoughts when i read the title. seriously some say that rap isn't music but this man is a damn poet.

he's one of the best...maybe

he's one of the best...maybe #1...I challenge anyone here to listen to Revolutionary Vol. 2 or 3rd World and tell me he's not the shit. Those are albums by the way if anyone cares.