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Just Another Day Or Was It?

I was experimenting briefly with a light of 405 nm wavelengh at ~ 2300 local time. I shined the diffuse beam of the light toward one of the brighter stars in the sky. A few moments later, there were a few brilliant white strobes of light near that same area in the sky. During the event, I didn't think anything further than some type of aircraft. The evening was nice for being outside. Not long after shining the light into the sky at the star (~ 3 minutes), a group of 3 "kids" walked by my location on the sidewalk and turned east at the intersection and disappeared from sight. I was sitting in a darkened location, but my porch light was illuminated. About 10 minutes or so later, the same group of "kids" came toward me from the east and one of the "kids" approached my location as he crossed the street and then stopped near the sidewalk adjacent to my property. Suddenly, he moved back across the street to the meet the other two members of his party. Then, they walked to the south and out of my view.

Suddenly, I heard some cackling, running and loud bang which later turned out to be probably a "firecracker" from the 4th of July celebrations. When I heard the bang, I rose and turned to the area which was illuminated and saw smoke rising from near one of the windows. The area includes several residents and the tenant near where the "firecracker" was dropped ran out of the building and was looking for the culprits. I told the tenant the direction that the "kids" were going, i.e. south. There's a dark alley that intersects that direction to the south, i.e. runs east and west where the "kids" could have gone. None were found. Actually, I don't recall hearing any running AFTER the "bang". I talked to the tenant for awhile and described the 3 "kids" as about 12 years old or ~ 4 to 5 feet tall. IIRC, the "kids" were close to the same height, but not exactly the same. I never saw their faces, but I think they knew I was sitting in a darkened area of my yard.

Anyway, in retrospect I began to recall incidents of other people consisting of black-eyed "kids" or other paranormal phenomena. Although this situation was strange, i.e. the light in the sky which was followed quickly by a group of three "kids" walking around the area, and then a loud bang of a "firecracker" with smoke, I still want to think of it as a mere coincidence. Only in retrospect did I remember that our local airport doesn't have much if any air traffic at the time of 2300 (July 15th 2013). Furthermore, the several brilliant strobes of light in the sky were around 10 seconds apart or so and appeared stationary in the same area of the sky. I asked the tenant if he ever experienced an event like this one in the past. The tenant said "no". Although the tenant was out of his residence and looking for the perpetrators within less than 10 seconds of the bang, the "kids" or pranksters couldn't be found by the tenant as if they just vanished.

I've heard of similar incidents where strange lights in the sky are observed, basically dismissed at the time of the incident as aircraft and then strange events start occurring on earth within the immediate vicinity in mere minutes.

Honestly, I don't know the answer in this particular case, but I do know that paranormal phenomena operate just this subtly as I've experienced strange events in the past. I'm reminded of the biblical adage, "as above, so below". I do consider these types of events, if paranormal, to be straight from the pit of hell.

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