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Compare Fort Lauderdale FPL Power Plant Demolition to 9/11 "Demolition"

Fort Lauderdale FPL Power Plant Demolished this Morning.
Click below for the Replay.
July 16, 2013

Pay attention to how the 3rd and 4th structures lay sideways - even though expertly demolished.

Weeks of Expert Professional Preparation and 450 Pounds of Dynamite, yet the 3rd and 4th Structures still fell and lie sideways (good view at the end of the video below) rather than completely into themselves as the first 2 structures.

1. Even with weeks of Expert Professionally prepared buildings, the 3rd and 4th buildings do not completely implode into themselves.
2. Structures 1 and 2 fall directly into their own footprint defying science - because they were expertly designed to do so. But Sturctures 3 and 4 do not fall completely into themselves at a completely free fall rate of speed even though they are professionally designed to do so. All the core columns in those 2 buildings are not cut and therefore they fall off to the side, in the area of Least Resistance as science tells us it will do.

3rd Grade Science tells us that Matter falls into the Area of Least Resistance not the Area of Most Resistance which is into itself. Even with today's Expert Professional Demolition, if you look closely the 3rd and 4th Buildings DO NOT completely fall into their own footprint into the area of MOST RESISTANCE. These 2 buildings do not fall "symmetrically into their own footprint"or "at a free fall rate of speed"- even after weeks of expert professional preparation.

The Towers had 47 INNER CORE COLUMNS and the entire outside of the Towers were Core Columns. Even though the FPL 3rd and 4th Buildings were Professionally Expertly Prepped for weeks for Demolition - they still did not fall symmetrically into their own footprint at a free fall rate of speed defying science. Yet three Towers on 9/11 did.

Compare to Building 7 on September 11, 2001 – All 4 Corners falling completely Symmetrical, with virtually No Resistance from the floors below and at a Free Fall Rate of Speed – from non existent “office fires”.

It appears that the Demolition Experts did a better job on the Building 7 Demolition than the FPL Demolition. Which crew would you hire for your next demolition ?

The Greatest 9/11 Truth Thread on the Internet. Pass it on.


What has happened here in America since 9/11 ?

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it up

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Damn office fires..

The building 7 demolition was better.