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ABC News: Edward Snowden Makes NO-Leak Promise In Asylum Bid :LAWYER

ABC News: Edward Snowden Makes NO-Leak Promise In Asylum Bid :LAWYER

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/edward-snowden-legal-apply-rus...

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The first sentence in the linked article shows ABC's bias:

"Fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden..."

They won't be getting any more clicks from me.

Google is government.

Coward!!! Shoulda released it


Shoulda released it all and took his fate head on. Now hes scared and wants to live. Makes me feel sorry that I donned his image on fb

He's NOT a coward! He's already released them to Greenwald

I'm sorry, but did you read the whole article? How is he a coward? He's 'dumb' like a fox. Snowden isn't compromising at all, because he doesn't have to release anymore documents. He's already leaked them.

But while Snowden agreed to stop leaking secrets, it could prove a technicality since he has already said that he gave all of his classified information -- thousands of documents -- to several journalists. The most prominent of which, The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, told ABC News Friday that he's not even half done with the stories he plans to write based on the secret information.

Snowden doesn't have to leak anymore documents, because Greenwald already has them. Snowden has already met Putin's demands, because it will be Greenwald who will be publishing the documents that have already been released to him by Snowden. How can he be accountable to Putin's demand of "no more harm to U.S." when it will be Greenwald who will be doing the publishing?

Actually, I think Putin is very aware that future publications will be out of Snowden's hands--and Putin doesn't care at this point. He has made the "don't harm the U.S. anymore" statement (with tongue in cheek), and now his back is covered.

Well it appears

Snowden is under arrest in the wide open.. no where to go, no where to hide, no clean shirt, beard is getting long, he's looking skinney,, bet it's feast and famin in media attention...

and I noticed reading the comments I'm not the only one calling the NSA hoax Snowjob.