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DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information


The Department of Homeland Security has warned its employees that the government may penalize them for opening a Washington Post article containing a classified slide that shows how the National Security Agency eavesdrops on international communications.

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This is like telling a kid not to get in the cookie jar...

and will only increase the number of people who click the link. All they've done is piqued curiosity. Let the clicking begin.

God forbid a Fireman gets

God forbid a Fireman gets curious and reads a book he was supposed to burn...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I don't see the problem

It's appears they do not want their employees to cross over to the INTERNATIONAL side.

I thought the big broo ha ha about this non issue was that NSA spied on Americans.

What is America supposed to do, hire spies or pretend spying doesn't exist? Or I know.. Let's POLICE THE WORLD FOR SPIES.

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From what I can gather..

They are displaying their point of view through this memo or demand on their employees.

They consider the reading of leaked NSA documents on a public computer to be a leak as well. This makes a person who clicks on a link to be a leaker themselves, which is ridiculous (and stinks of legal excessive assertion).

They are also basically asking employees to report against themselves for doing this.

What this specifically means to a NSA employee is a guess at this point.

Maybe the leaked slide contradicts whatever view the employer created for the NSA employee (whatever view they have towards their own job), however that is just a 1st guess.

Either way, it appears that management is trying to manage something that is unmanageable. So, the best they can do is formally discourage the action.

Ironically, the memo probably generates more interest and (asserted) violations than it prevents. Who doesn't want to know the truth behind their own occupation?

Hopefully these cats (employees) won't get (figuratively) killed for their curiosity.

I wish I could agree

But I really think it has more to do with departments not crossing over. I think it's more boring than what many looking for excitment want to believe.

PS cool badge icon

Government employees better

Government employees better keep a close eye on each other for the next whistleblower. They may cash in on writing a million dollar book like ES.



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If Viewing a document online is a leak...

..then posting the document must not be a leak. Right?

Bosses don't want grunts to know that bosses know everything.


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