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Email Exchange Between Edward Snowden and Former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey

Via The Guardian

Mr. Snowden,

Provided you have not leaked information that would put in harms way any intelligence agent, I believe you have done the right thing in exposing what I regard as massive violation of the United States Constitution.

Having served in the United States Senate for twelve years as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, I think I have a good grounding to reach my conclusion.

I wish you well in your efforts to secure asylum and encourage you to persevere.

Kindly acknowledge this message, so that I will know it reached you.

Gordon J. Humphrey
Former United States Senator
New Hampshire

Continue reading for the response.

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"Welcome to the matrix, former senator. Feel free* to get some more of these red pills. It's totally free* (pun intended). Courtesy of Amerika, 2013."

-- Me

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius



This article is actually quite sad but also funny because we have been telling them this crap for years. Gosh it takes some people a real slap in the face to wake the hell up.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.


This is good.

.... and Sen. Humphrey, take a bow.

This is like a Frank Capra film.


A realist, Snowden is...

"You may rest easy knowing I cannot be coerced into revealing that information, even under torture. "

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my plea for help

If he doesn't give out more info this is just going to die. It has already started especially with the Zimmerman case taking over everyones minds. it will die just like Fast and Furious (remember Issa vowing to bring them to jusitce? think about that outcome), or Benghazi scam - nothing happnened there, or the IRS audits - did anyone else see the tea party people that were audited stand before congress? They stood before congress and it was aired on C-Span. They gave moving speeches, one woman was in tears and it choked me up as well. Nothing happened after that. Oh wait Im sorry, it gave the IRS enough time to come up with a bullcrap response in that they have been auditing a lot of people, not just conservatives...they just keep lying to get out of more lies. And we let them. Now the NSA leaks. These leaks are becoming old news. i thinkg poeple are actually getting used to the idea of, "oh yea that converstaion I just had could be listened to by the Govt".
At this point in time, I do beleive now that this president does not pass the citizen test for POTUS. There won't even be an investigation into that, a real one anyway. not even that, that is probably the easiest one too. But no...
Has anyone watched the protests for Trayvon Martin? The only thing that comes to my mind is...look at all of those people protesting in what they believe in. We don't ever do that. it's like we are too civilized or something. How do they know to come together like that? Why havent' we stood up about all of the corruption that has been happening before our own eyes? Now granted the MSM probably wouldn't give us the time of day anyway, but we aren't protesting, we arent trying nearly enough. there are more of us too, I feel strongly about that. But thats all I can say, I feel strongly about it. Truth is I have no proof, because we don't have a place where we can say to each other, lets protest here, or there. We don't show up in numbers like they did. The peopele who don't have a clear understanding of the law or of what is truly happening to our country are the louder ones. and that in itself is damaging. So we rely on the lone wolves...like Manning, Bretbart, Hastings, Snowden. But just like Manning, Bretbart, Hastings, if Snowden doesn't give more info, we are sunk. From what I understand he promised to not leak anything in exchange for Asylum in Russia. now i'm hoping there is a play on words when he says this, because technically he isn't giving info that would harm US, technically he is just helping the poeple. but that could just be me hoping. So Snowden if your reading this somewhere, or even Greenwald, you have to keep revealing more info. or were sunk.

new story: Rand Paul is the ONLY Senator to Oppose NSA Spying


Just thought I'd let you know if you didn't already.

I wish this Humphrey would run again; I'd like to support him.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

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Now if only some of our elected officials who are still serving

would actually GROW A PAIR and start doing the jobs they were put in office to do, we'd be getting somewhere!

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

GG should be arrested

What gives him the right, privledge or freedom to accept classified documents and threaten the USA?

Oh, and about the "threaten the USA" thing...

That makes me chuckle. :D

The "USA" to which you refer feels threatened at the drop of a hat!

The "USA" looks for and eventually sees threats under every stone, behind every blade of grass.

Paranoia? Lack of faith? Power trip? Yankee Pride?

How about the real America? How do YOU feel threatened, or how are YOU threatened by why Snowden did?

I don't agree

I think snowden was duped. How threatened do I feel? Well, I love America and made a stand with Ron Paul because I wanted to help RESTORE THE REPUBLIC. I do not believe what GG is doing is to restore the republic, but to throw the republic under the bus, create a national atmosphere of doubt and fear, which with other events, such as the USA closing the borders to Americans so they can not leave, combined, could lead to an "American Spring", perpetuating a civil war like Syria, or a junta military overthrow like Egypt or now Libya, putting America under Marshall Law with NATO, making the UN the global government.

What does GG care? He lives in Brazil.

Still, being I am prepared for any of these events, as it is not ME who is threatened, but everyone who depends on the government for a job, meal or rent, or medicine....

"I think snowden was

"I think snowden was duped."


"How threatened do I feel?"


"Well, I love America and made a stand with Ron Paul because I wanted to help RESTORE THE REPUBLIC."

-This is Snowden's claim, almost verbatim.

"I do not believe what GG is doing is to restore the republic,"

-GG is doing journalism. People in republics need journalists to provide information, good or bad, from diverse sources.

"but to throw the republic under the bus"

-Admittedly, GG does hold personal bias, but it isn't the republic he wishes to throw under the bus. It's the empire! He and Ron Paul are agreed on the notion that we need to let go of empire in order to restore the republic.

"create a national atmosphere of doubt and fear, which with other events, such as the USA closing the borders to Americans so they can not leave, combined, could lead to an "American Spring", perpetuating a civil war like Syria, or a junta military overthrow like Egypt or now Libya, putting America under Marshall Law with NATO, making the UN the global government."

-None of these fears spring forth from GG but from everyone in D.C. that is upset from Snowden's whistleblowing.

"What does GG care? He lives in Brazil."

-Perhaps he would like to move back. He's doing everything he can to make that a viable option, and the more he succeeds, the better a place will the USA be for you and I to live.

"How threatened do I feel?"... "it is not ME who is threatened"

-Thanks for eventually answering that. :)

How do you figure?

How is being set up to take a fall, to be stranded in an airport with no change of cloths, no bath, public watching every move you make, people using you as THEIR sounding board, because you trusted the wrong guy, irrelevant?

Want that to happen to you? Would it be irrelevant then?

Show me where snowden said ANYTHING about Ron Paul. I don't need to see HEARSAY, IOW what someone else said. I know plenty of people who at one time supported Ron Paul and then they didn't. I know plenty of people who said they supported Ron Paul but wouldn't even join the GOP to help him WIN the nomination. I know plenty of people who use Ron Paul's words for their own meaning. They TWIST Ron Paul and GG is no exception. After all, GG left America, he didn't do a damn thing for Ron Paul but get paid to give the liberal rags he writes for a counter point.

GG is way past doing journalism threatening the USA and sticking with COMMUNIST countries that wouldn't give their people freedom, just look at snowden.. Rand Paul WARNED him, STAY OUT OF RUSSIA. Snowden didn't listen and he's hurting.. they don't want to show his picture, or where he is at the airport, which I bet is screened off from the public, so the airport is like a prison, and snowden is going to be there until someone pays the bill or they lock him up for their own stupid communist ant-freedom reasons.

People in republics need a public that puts down the crack pipe and goes to meetings and gets involved so reporters can report on what wee the people are doing with our government. For example, I live in a VERY ACTIVE community where people EN MASSE show up. It's probably why we have a oath keeping constitutional sheriff and DA who are right there with us, why we have decriminalized cannabis, why we have NO GMO, why we still have industry and not many francise corporations and our churches are full and schools and jails grow their own food and bake their own bread.. we are hands on and our reporters REPORT on these meetings, and the state and feds back away because we are a community that right, left, win, lose we respect each other. If I was to stand up in a meeting and say, "irrelevant", I would be booed. Think DP is harsh,, try this public on for size.

GG is doing the same communist crap DE and these Washpo a$$wipes pull.. this time it's not on a Republican, and I'm supposed to cheer? This is a HOAX.. it's a SET up, it's a snowjob.

The empire we are under is the UK and why we see William and Kate, and why GG went to the Guardian.. because the UK wants to END USA sovreignity and establish a GLOBAL EMPIRE.

No, GG isn't REPORTING, he is threatening as we are watching what is happening to snowden.. let's say the USA is coming after you... where do you run? Hong Kong? not for long. This tracking system is international.. snowden has NO WHERE TO GO.. think his life is going to be good? My bet he will be a drone target in another country.

GG isn't reporting, he threatened the USA, and while some here don't agree, you can do a search and see for yourself that's how the military sees it and that's how drudge reported it.

You can call it whistleblowing.. but it wasn't. Sorry. But if you had no idea what the patriot act did to the constitution than you didn't get Ron Paul's campaign to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

GG isn't going to move back to the USA, I suspect his next place will be Singapore.

Do you feel threatened? Apparently you do to defend GG and what he did to snowden in the name of whistleblowing.

hey idiot

gg wrote articles supporting Ron Paul and Snowden donated to RP's campaign

Ventura 2012


I wouldn't call what THE SPIGOT wrote as support. Did he contribute to Ron Paul's campaign? Did he join the GOP? Did he cover the brutality that we went through?

No, he wrote a counter pieces as points for consideration.

He didn't bring anyone over to Ron Paul.

THE SPIGOT wrote to bring Ron Paul supporters to Salon.

Ralph Nader and I were talking back in 96, and some protesters were calling him names. I was among a group of his supporters who felt hurt by the names and insults they called him.

Nader was saying "THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO PARTIES", and they were saying he was an idiot to not see that there was a HUGE difference between the parties. Nader called the difference like Coke and Pepsi.

We were hurt though, they didn't like him and that was their point, to bash him because their pack felt good about each other bashing him. And he said to us, "People who call names and insult, do it because they don't have an argument and incapable of thinking clearly.

You make his point clearly.

I noticed you have nothing to

I noticed you have nothing to say about Snowden now. Greenwald is getting there, he is still an economic illiterate but there is a left/ right consensus building in big issues and Greenwald is willing to be a bridge. You are such a black and white delusional thinker, amazing.

Ventura 2012

Sure I do

Snowball is being hung out to dry.. no clean clothes, no shower, not able to shave, no privacy, no good food, no family, no friends.. stuck in a Russian airport a pawn for MSM SPIGOT and a tool for international NWO powers to play with. It must SUCK to be snowjob.

THE SPIGOT is a tool for a global government that will enslave US far more than the USA dared to dream.

Since calling me names makes you FEEL good about yourself, it shows me only that you don't have much self esteeme to make any difference on your own.

FREEDOM? He took it upon himself!

Use it or lose it!

It shall evidently come to pass that...

We gave him the right.
The NSA gave him the privilege.
God gave him the freedom.

If you are a stickler for such things, perhaps...

God gave him the right.
The NSA gave him the privilege.
We gave him the freedom.

Either way something remains rather ironic! :D

Let me ask you this:

What gave those pesky colonists the right to stand up to the British?

let me answer that

what gave the pesky colonists the right to stand up to the Brittish was 4K miles of ocean, the Christian war against Catholics, the need to emancipate native Americans that didn't like them as much as the Catholics that had lived among them for 300 years, the illuminati and masons who were working with the global elite and wanted to expand power, which takes wars and revolutions that are fought by common people drunk on propeganda and arms.

All this to only find out that we are still just a colony of the Brittish who hide behind us in pushing Americans to fight their wars, and why we constantly see pictures of William and Kate.

More like who gives him the right...


Please watch this documentary...

so that you may get a better handle of history...


A must see for anyone who considers themself a patriot and a friend of liberty. :)

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

I signed my life away

NSA sent over a drone kiiping vigil on me just to watch this.. better be good. I'll let you know. Watching now.. or am I being watched now?

Seems to be about Kissinger.. the man who said, "Let Israel" bleed when Golda Mier asked for help.. and then he turned on Nixon for helping Israel..that was Kissinger's system Nixon went down for.
Now were on McNamara who admitted he was a war criminal in Fog of War.

What language is the translation?

I'm 14 minutes into this.. and I'm coming to the cinclusion that this is another hoax.. why? Because if wars are bankers wars.. he's making this into something else

I'll tell you what Nam was about the Nuclear Power plant France left and OIL. Brown and Root.. Kellegg, Brown and Root were in nam to take the sweet crude.. it come out of the ground pink or like honey.

Seems to me, all he's doing is using the press to make a "real life" movie for the anti-war.. and part of the whole energy grab cover up.

Ellesberg says they couldn't fire because they would be firing on their own troops.. not true. It's called friendly fire.. least we forget pat tillman... happens a lot, but it appears they've fixed that with psychtropic drugs and troops wanting to kill themselves instead (my theory on that is that cannibanoids mixed with psychotropic meds affect brain receptors which become agitated rather than sated).

24:17 ellsberg ADMITS he was wrong! What he did. How about that?
And then we sequey into a story abpout his pisno playing and parents died.. great way to wash out what he admitted. This guy is a creep.

"24:17 ellsberg ADMITS he was wrong!"

Oh Granger, c'mon..!
He's referring to being wrong about KEEPING SECRETS!
He's referring to his role before leaking the pentagon papers!

Get a grip! ;)

He's a spin artist

What the hell is it with telling someone else what to do like, "get a grip"?

Yes, you're right he now feels that he was wrong about keeping secrets.. yet he is still keeping secrets.

While he has "exposed" the government (which is all part of the communist-corporate NWO take over in destroying your government to goive you another in the name of peace), he has not exposed the corporations that paid him to expose the government.
And now we have a government run by corpoerations,

Thank you ellsberg.


One of the most notorious anti-semitic, racist, paranoid lunatics of the modern era?

Try listening to the White House tapes, then give your head a shake.

Nixon would shut this site down in a minute were he President. Kissinger and Nixon were both equal parts idiot.

Nixon thought himself more of an emperor than the chief executive. Seriously Granger think before you press save.


It was Nixon who came to the rescue of Israel, against Kissinger's "Let the Israeli's bleed", and armed Israel in the 6 day war giving them victory.

I don't agree with you about Nixon, who I believe was a good man that had the wrong SoS.

Finish watching till the end...

"Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War, said Edward Snowden, 29, the whistleblower who exposed a National Security Agency wide-ranging surveillance program, showed "the kind of courage that we expect of people on the battlefield."

Ellsberg said on Twitter "there has not been in American history a more important leak than Snowden's," including his own, during Watergate."

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

It's hard to watch

I really don't care about his personal love life or his swoon to the protesters.. I think he's FOS. I think he has long been for a NWO with Kissinger, and why he backs snowden. He backs anyone that he can use.