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Email Exchange Between Edward Snowden and Former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey

Via The Guardian

Mr. Snowden,

Provided you have not leaked information that would put in harms way any intelligence agent, I believe you have done the right thing in exposing what I regard as massive violation of the United States Constitution.

Having served in the United States Senate for twelve years as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, I think I have a good grounding to reach my conclusion.

I wish you well in your efforts to secure asylum and encourage you to persevere.

Kindly acknowledge this message, so that I will know it reached you.

Gordon J. Humphrey
Former United States Senator
New Hampshire

Continue reading for the response.

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I think I saw it

appears NSA has shut down my ability to access YouTube for the moment.

So now you want to arrest the reporters?

I'm losing respect based on many of your recent posts. I this really the same Granger I eagerly read last year?

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

so called reporters that make threats

have stopped being reporters and are terrorists as far as I'm concerned.

And this holding me to who I was is a passive agreesive form of control that I don't appreciate.

Who made you and those like you my nanny?

I'm just responding to the ego driven BS as I see it.

I sounds like your the only one who really understands the biological makeup of the beast. It appears your new GOP title came with a price.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Which threats?

Granger -- you should read this article, which I think is the other side of the story to what you might be referring to.


Sounds like there is some distortion and twisting of words going on here.

TY Micah68

The article is posted under GAY voices.

Recall Ron Paul said that we have lost our way when we divide rights, some rights for race, some rights for women, some rights for sexual orientation, some rights for children, some rights for parents, and so on.

This story is a perfect representation.. here, Greenwald is on the defense, and how does he do it? He HIDES behind the GAY lable because there are some rights for sexual orientation that say, "You can't attack me because I have rights, and you would be attacking me for my sexual orientation."

I read that he is, from his sexual orientation place of protection, reaching out to the indy's and disenfrancised democrats, with this appeal.. but the bottom line, is he is actively doing what he can to destroy America in the name of exposing America, though he has exposed nothing. At least he admits, in a twisted way, that threatening America, as he did, is not cool, because it is not legal.

Meanwhile, snowden still has not had a both, or a good night sleep, or eating well, as he rots in a airport in Russia, where no one has seen the conditions they have surrounding him, nor is anyone reporting it. Have you seen a picture of where snowden is being held? I believe snowden made a mistake, but I also believe he was set up by greenwald (and his backers).

Granger...you have lost it.

Granger...you have lost it. Be quiet.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.


I honestly don't get the authoritarian attitude you are displaying.

In your opinion, I have "lost it". That explains nothing.

Then you make a demand on me, and order me to, "get lost".

Tell me, are you a libertarian?

When I was a libertarian 1976 - 93 we had a code of ethics. You never tell someone else what to do. It was considerd a liberal authoritarian rude remark, and obviously that person did not get the Libertarian rule of conduct, "Live and let live".

I'm enjoying my life. I hope you are enjoying yours, though telling people what they are and what to do is no way I would want to live my life.


...that you would not answer my question but instead get lost in your qualms over the secondary topic of his sexuality.

How specifically -- a direct quote, please -- did he threaten America? Something tells me that you don't really care whether or not Reuters was indeed twisting his words (emphasizing how Snowden is being careful not to leak information that would indeed be damaging to national security, etc.) out of context, to make it sound like he was making a threat. All along Greenwald in his interviews has been clearly emphasizing the intent to be carefully selective with the info they have. But you're just going to keep repeating the distortions, anyhow?

So nothing has been exposed? 'PRISM' was on everybody's lips, prior? Those who were generally dismissed as kooks or conspiracy theorists for even discussing the surveillance state prior to Snowden have now been vindicated, in that it has been thrust into the spotlight of public acknowledgement and discussion.

It's not strange at all

I think it's VERY IMPORTANT where he made his accusation that MSMBS (main stream media BS) twisted his words, because it prooves that I am not alone is seeing what he told MSMBS was a threat.

I think it would be quite different, for example, if he explained the MSMBS comment on "The Judge" or Ben Swan.. interesting they are OUT of this..I find that strange.

Is MSMBS retracking what they said he said? NO. They could. Why aren't they. Because they stand behind what they understood him to say, and they are not alone





The 526K articles saying GG threatened the USA.

Maybe you might try reading something other than PuffPost?


...I first read about it on Drudge, but he links to the Reuters story. The Huffpost link was provided yesterday on this site by another poster.

So you believe Reuters did not manipulate or spin the context of his words at all?

Why would they?

What's in it for them?

THEY KNOW, anyone who understood the patriot act, anyone who has been fighting a war on drugs, anyone who knows history KNOW KNOW KNOW without a shadow of any doubt whatsoever that the USA has ALWAYS, since before the American revolution.. my Gawd,, it's not like spying is new or that it's improvements are so grand, that they are not being spied on.

You can go to the beginning of DP and read reams of posts by people concerned on spying. Ever hear of phone tapping?

Instead of hiding behind a sexual orientation blogg on PuffPost, maybe GG should be suing? Eh? He's a constittuioonal attorney by education and he owned an office.. he KNOWS his rights.. so why is he going left?

I bet he never comes back to the USA. And maybe those who back him should follow his cue?

The media...

...by and large tends to excuse or ignore abuses by authoritarian government. They are more an arm of supporting the status quo of ever-increasing government intrusion than truly throwing the spotlight on corruption.

Can you please clarify: do you support the Stasi tactics of the state, with secret courts, secret laws, the use of a single warrant to go on a fishing expedition, surveilling millions of Americans who have done nothing to be under probable-cause suspicion? You seem to be minimizing the importance of a broader portion of the nation waking up to the extent and the details of this. Do you think Washington and Jefferson would have approved of all this?

I agree with Judge Nap -- Thomas Jefferson, in some place, is weeping.

I don't agree

MSM is the authoritarian mouthpeice of the government and we should all KNOW that by censorship. They are a corporation for corporatations, the more powerful, the more they push the agenda.

I don't see it your way.

Secular laws are on many levels, military is one, and it's not so much secret, but not part of the authoritarian mouthpeice of corporate power. One has to be "tuned in" to the military tribunals, where not all of it is made public for national defensive reasons, after all, if you want to take down a government, which many do to give you a global corporate controlled government, attack the military's tribunal system and call it a SECRET.

In some countries there are more then one court, there are secular courts and religious courts and this is an issue where the USA has reached a problem.. those who are from such nations demand to be tried by Sharia Laws, so they are "trapped" in a military prison.

What should the USA do? Should we adopt Sharia Courts so that some religious people have a seperate court system (this is why Europe is expanding so quickly to Islam).

If you are an adulterous woman or homosexual, Sharia Courts are not what you want, eh? If you put God over nation, the Sharia Court will excuse your crimes against your "host" nation.

They may have done nothing under probable cause of suspicion, they are rather demanding to be tried in a Sharia Court, where by, any offense they made against the USA government, they will get away with.

I think Washington was a cog of the Msons and illusion that the USA could escape England, and thereby commit many crimes against the native Americans, since Ecclastical Courts didn't exisit here.

And I think Jefferson had an strong appreciation for secular courts replacing ecclastical courts.

I think Jefferson's illegitimate children are weeping.

Wow --

You seem to have a pretty dim view of the Founders. Of course they weren't perfect. They're not gods to be worshipped, but if you're going to start dismissing their wisdom and worldview based on their indiscretions, then I guess maybe you and I had really better rip the Proverbs and Psalms out of our Bibles: such stand-up moral lives David and Solomon led, eh?

I really am having a hard time understanding why you are justifying the mass surveillance of all Americans' mail, e-mail, etc. without specific warrants for specific individuals, all because of Sharia law existing overseas. Please clarify.

I'm not justifying it

I KNEW this was happening when the Patriot Act was established and one reason I supported Ron Paul with ACCOUNTABILITY NOW in 08. It's why we had a RESTORE THE REPUBLIC campaign slogan.

I approve od the way Ron Paul stood up and took action, which got no where in government http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accountability_Now#Netroots_opp...

No, the framers of our constituion were not perfect, but that's not my point. There are plenty of great things they said and did, but the reasons why they did what they did were not altruistic. You've probably read that Washington could have been a king...http://www.today.com/id/28696126/ns/today-today_news/t/was-washington-man-who-wouldnt-be-king/

It's not about Sharia Law overseas. It's about foreign terrorists, who demand Sharia Courts, which we don't have, and why they are in indefinate detention.



And to be fair http://www.thenation.com/article/168378/true-story-sharia-am...

It's called the First Amendment

to the Constitution of the United States of America.

And, what gives the rogue U.S. government the right to threaten MY right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizure?

BTW, I stand with Rand, and Rand stands with Snowden and our First and Fourth Amendments to our Rule of Law.

Everyone is encouraged to their own opinion and to participate in constructive debate, but you sure enjoy stirring the pot just for trouble's sake. Nothing good usually comes from such tactics.


And how does the first amendment apply to a guy living in Brazil reporting to England?

Your little life isn't worth watching so don't put yourself in something as if you are someone they are interested in.. You think this is going to stop narcs from busting people with contrband? You think this is going to stop spying? NO what it does is make the spying BIGGER.

Rand Paul WARNED SNOWDEN Avoid Russia and communist dictatorships.

Anyways I said GG should be arrested, he has no right to receive classified information or threaten the USA.

I'm telling it like I see it. Apparently I don't see it the same as others. No one is stiring me up and I highly doubt I'm stirring up anything but my downvote count.

"Your little life...?"

You know NOTHING about me, Granger. But you choose to marginalize me by assuming that I don't have much of a life and I'm not worth observing? How kind of you. You sound exactly like the MSM when they attempted to marginalize Dr. Paul. Now, I don't claim to be a Dr. Paul. But I can always strive.

I served this country for many years during another of our useless wars. I was drafted after college and ended up staying in after my first stint. I had a top secret clearance and worked in D.C. for a good many years. I worked in programs that weren't necessarily for the public to know about at the time. (They've since been declassified.) Meanwhile, my views have changed a great deal since those days, and I don't know who or what might be interested in me. I believe they are interested in observing anyone who is a 'constitutionalist' or 'patriot' or 'prepper' or anyone who opposes the over-reach and intrusion of government into the private lives of 'we the people'. And that include "my little life".

And you don't think a comment like that is personal? I have observed some beautiful and well thought out comments from you, even today. Unfortunately, all too often your behavior is despicable!

Two characteristics that make up the Daily P*AU*L are 'Peace' and 'Love'. You can put these on display, even with opposing viewpoints. I believe that principle dates back at least 2,000 years.

Your little life isn't worth watching.....until sudenly it is

You aren't interesting or important enough to watch until you become someone they want to stop or to control. Then getting blackmail-able information, your daily routine, your memberships to anti-government groups could then be very useful. Say you wanted to become political and get involved in local and national elections, maybe become a delegate or a candidate, everything you do and say can be used to control you, intimidate you, threaten your loved ones. In fact every person in media, law enforcement, the judicial system, people who are high up in large corporations, and throughout all key agencies of our massive government are ripe for blackmail and coercion.

If this is the type of criminal government you want then you've got it. You don't believe in the constitution just say so.

But, don't invoke Rand Paul's words to back you up because I highly doubt he is interested in having Glenn Greenwald arrested nor Edward Snowden. Don't put extra meaning into his words. You are skewing his words to mean what you want it to mean

but it's not

I am elected to a GOP committee seat.. so they want to watch me..

I think because I grew up in the military, which was like growing up under a microscope, I used to think, with some envy, of the freedom the civilains had outside that barbed wired and armed military patrolled gates.

I have fought for a long time to keep America free.

But it seems that America doesn't want to be free. They don't get involved in politics or participate, volunteer.. instead ot's all about self medicating. Narx have been around forever..

so what has snowden told us that most of us that aren't spending our time looking to self medicate, nothing we didn't know.

Everywhere on the net it's OBVIOUS we are all self tracking.. credit cards are chipped, cars, GPS, appliances..

I don't think all who you mention are ripe for blackmail. I think many live above the laws.

I have no idea what Rand's plans are.. since snowden didn't listen to him, he's been silent about it.

"I am elected to a GOP

"I am elected to a GOP committee seat.. so they want to watch me."

You're always beating your little chest with this shit. Who gives a damn about your insignificant little GOP spot? You're running around here acting a lot more important than you actually are. And attacking people as usual.I blocked you a long time ago but I couldn't sit and read this thread without responding. Just because you hold a local title doesn't mean shit. I was on my states executive commitee for the Libertarian party. Does that make me special? Nope, just like you're not. You're another cog, and one that tends to act like quite a bitch at times. You really need to quit with your superiority complex. You're no better than anybody else that frequents this site and you are less a friend of liberty than you think or claim. Peace.

What do you want?

You are always accusing me of "beating my chest", where the way I see it, I am telling you where I stand/sit, why and how.

To my perspective, it upsets you because you didn't do what I did, so it's "beating my chest", rather than what it actualy is, a reference.

Apparently YOU give a damn because rather than think, "Well Granger is merely giving reference to where she is coming from", you rather make it into a chest beating.

I'm not important. I have the worst spelling of anyone here. I actually did what Ron Paul asked to get the nomination, he didn't even try to get in the end.

Who am I attacking?

Do what you want. I don't block anyone. You want to block me; have at it.

Don't tell me how to act. You don't like me or my act, leave me.. I'm not searching you out, why not do me the same?

I'm not saying I'm better than anyone. I'm not. I have my experiences and so do you and they as well.

You can share like I do or not. DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Again, with your second

Again, with your second sentence. It's your egocentrism.You have a very tall horse. I'm not upset about not doing what you did because it's not something I ever wanted for myself. I don't think I told you how to act either, I commented on the way that you DO act. Act and do as you wish, but you're using vinegar instead of honey. For the record, I can't recall speaking to you in quite some time, so I think you are inaccurate in stating that I "always" accuse you. At any rate, take care and good luck.

You did

what Ron Paul asked and got a seat on your committee, and then you signed a loyalty oath to Romney. Nice work.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


Ron Paul ran for the presidential nomination in teh REPUBLICAN PARTY.

To win the nomination he needed to have REPUBLICAN NATIONAL DELEGATES.

To be a Republican national delegate,

1. one MUST BE REGISTERED A REPUBLICAN. (it made me sick, but I registered Republican).

2. Be seated on a Republican Central Committee. I had no idea what a central committee was or that they even exisited. So I found out where my GOP central committee was meeting and began showing up.

Because I was openly for Ron Paul (I had been warned here to be stealth, but I did not heed the advice), while someone can be appointed with the committee voting, I had to do it the hard way because the committee didn't support Ron paul. I had to cillect signatures foor ballot access and be in an election, win, and then TO CLAIM MY SEAT, I had to go to the county Clerk and SIGN THREE PAPERS.
A. Oath to the Constitution of the USA
B. Oath to the GOP (bylaws)

And then I had to be sworn in at the next meeting, all signed papers in hand.

My nice work was being NW team leader for Ron Paul's campaign, which we did very well, better than the campaign thought we would, but Ron Paul did not win the state of CA, Romney did.

I thought I could be like Ron Paul and vote for whoever I wanted. My wake up came from Rand when he endorsed Romney.. I couldn't figure that out,, and then it hit me.. those papers I signed.. the GOP could kick me off the committee and charge me with Perjury if I voted for Romney.. and how would they know? Because here we get ballots in the mail that we have to sign the envelope.. there's no secret ballots (unless you're an idiot and cant figure the name on the envelope is who the ballot onside belongs to.

So, I had to think about it.. after all that work, do I drop everything to write in Ron paul or was there a future in the GOP?

I decided there was a future, so I gave Romney my vote to keep my seat, and today, I have appointed three liberty seats, we now have the majority seated and a LIBERTY COMMITTEE.

Indeed; nice work.

What have you got?

Snowden told us......nothing we don't already know.

Well that right there shows that your call for Greenwald to be arrested to report what we already know is beyond ridiculous.

Oximoronic logic.

Change wont' happen until people demand it
People wont demand change until they are angry about what's going
They won't be angry until they actually know what's going on
They won't know until someone tells them

The Government and the media at large are not pointing out serious trespasses and unlawful breaches on our constitution to the public at large. So the public remains asleep. Snowden didn't tell us anything we didn't suspect but until he spoke we were only crazy conspiracy theorists.

There can be no change without people willing to put their lives on the line like snowden. That's just a fact.

Thank you

That was VERY well said.

"threaten the USA"

Threaten who exactly ?

The nation

The USA meaning the nation.