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The ridiculous Trayvon Martin case

The ridiculous Trayvon Martin case

It’s a failure of US judicial system. It failed to help the weak side people.

When it says Zimmerman is not guilty to kill Trayvon Martin, then what Trayvon was? He became an attacker – a threat to other’s life. That’s how a court to turn an innocent man to be a potential life threatener. An unarmed teen on his way to his relative’s house. He now was believed to be a threaten to other’s life. The other one, though proved having original bad will against Trayvon and finally killed him, became victim.

It indicates that any law abiding citizens should be obedient to unreasonable search (followed, monitored, provoked…). Or he would be killed, if the provoker announced that his life has been threatened.
This case also would encourage people to use guns in argument because dead people losing their voice in the case.

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What would you change to make the system better?

Does someone

want to translate this for me?


It is okay to beat the shit out of someone they follow you in a public place.


The "real case" is nothing new or remarkable. The law that decided this is old hat self-defense which has been a part of the common law for hundreds of years. One can probably find a case from 1800 involving a gun being used in self defense. No need to sound the drama alarms, this doesn't change anything. I doubt too many people want to put themselves in Zimmerman's shoes.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Now that the jury has spoken,

If you initiate violence, throw the first punch, fire first without cause and not in self defense, you should have already prepared yourself to lose the battle as well.

Now that the jury has spoken, we should now go ruthlessly at the injustice system to teach them a lesson about justice they will never forget. Fund every law suit against corporate media and make sure every public employee gets fired who needs to be fired and sue them too. This is the only way to stop these creeps.