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A Slaves Window Part Deux

As a satellite dish sub-contractor I work 70-85hrs a week and am paid per job. Its mandated that we work 6 days a week, and the 7th day is spent cleaning out your vehicle, managing your inventory, payroll, paperwork, and finding a random dumpster to throw away all of your accumulated trash. If i were to be paid hourly, I would be making less than minimum wage.

No benefits. Vehicle, fuel, parts, and excessive & illegal chargebacks are all out of pocket for me. I am required to maintain contractors' insurance, and now they are saying I must pay for workers compensation insurance on myself (which is approximately $2000/yr). If I were to be injured, I would be unable to collect as I am unable to afford to pay myself for injury.

Next year I will be forced to pay a health insurance penalty. I cant afford to pay the penalty. Nor can I afford to pay for health insurance. I hang by a thread hoping I dont fall off a roof, ladder, or have a heart attack working vigorously in the heat all day. I lack time to do laundry on a regular basis, or go to the grocery store to buy decent food. I pretty much buy grab'n'go food from whatever gas station I am filling up at & am able to keep my meals to about $3-$4. I get home, take a shower & go to bed knowing that Ive fallen behind on necessary paperwork. I know I am working myself to an early grave (and im only 32). Fortunately, I lack the time to expend much consideration on these facts.

My motivation is to save up enough to move back out east (MD/Pa area) so I can see my son when a new master allots me time. My Son, my Beautiful 'carrot on the stick" is getting further and further away from grasping. In my industry,it seems that we are all being bombarded with paycuts on a monthly(sometimes weekly)basis. Although my master will give me checks totally 40k, I will likely make less than 15k after expenses and deductions at the end of this year. I have already cut many expenses and am sharing a 1 bedroom apt. Debt collectors have piled up & I have no idea what to say to them other than I have enslaved myself to many others so take a number & get in line.

I continue to work so hard to return to a dismal life that would at least afford me the opportunity to see the smile on my son's face but the apathy shot Dr. Paul gave me is starting to wear off. I am hoping to gain from this post some kind of "attaboy, hang in there." or advice that doesnt incorporate "go work at walmart". Perhaps someone hiring, or someone looking to buy a slave out east?

Its ironic that I am posting this on a liberty-oriented website but the truth of the matter is that it has come to the point that I am the last thing I have left to pander. I am not giving up freedom for security, but for the opportunity to live/work near my son. I have a van, ladders, tools. Cable/Satellite installation experience, and am a hardworking veteran that 'woke up' in 2002 and knew of noone to turn too. & now I am coming here for motivation and/or help.

I would love for an opportunity to setup a service where I am installing solar panels, windmills, etc.. I think it would be a great idea to tie it in to an aquaponic garden connected to an aquarium. If there is anyone here even remotely connected to something of this nature please give me an attaboy bump, or a 'hang in there, it'll get better someday' consideration...

Thank you all for any time & consideration...

Lacking Liberty, but not love for it.

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I'm right there with ya man.

I'm right there with ya man. In Jackson, MS area. It's a suckers game. Get out ASAP! Im going to try SUI myself since they provide everything as you are an employee, but they pay the same or better. But my longer term goal is to work offshore as electronics technician. 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off sounds great when you work as much as you and I. Hang in there, and make a plan to get out soon.Good luck!


It's the people who do productive work that are the real victims in our society.

Fortunately, I'm seeing a community of disoriented liberty minded people start to emerge around me. There may come a day when hard working people like you will be able to plug into such a community. I hope so.

I wish I had more to offer you.

Take a deep breath, and hang in there.

Offices need cat5 run all the

Offices need cat5 run all the time and that pays pretty well. Considered that before?