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Your 72 hour heads up before US Martial Law.

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That's 72 hours after the trigger

which is the Banks announcing a system wide virus, effectively shutting them down.

Has it been 72 hours yet?

I'm bad at math. What's 72 hours from July 4th?
Seriously though, Martial law has been in effect for several years. If you haven't experienced the boot in the face yet, it's only because you haven't stepped out of line.

What would martial law do to economic activity?

I think it would have a significant negative effect, and for this reason alone, I seriously doubt that even these jerks who control this country would impose it.

Another economic downturn of serious magnitude would probably be the last straw to trigger a real revolution, and they can never be sure they would even be able to control the military in an explosion of violence.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

something else that fits in

something else that fits in with this... READ PAGE 10 PARAGRAPH 45.

Tin Foil Away

I constantly see these posts, is there some truth too them? Maybe. I think people should have level heads, I find people newest to the liberty movement the most radical in this fashion. Videos like these, Alex Jones, invite irrational behavior and panic in people. Do I believe the USSA is preparing incase of collapse? Absolutely, buying billions of bullets and turning police into virtual military units, ya. But is it a conspiracy, or does the govt simply know, the US is bankrupt and there's no escaping it, so are preparing to try to control the obvious panic that will ensue.

did you listen to the

did you listen to the interview? Or did you just post something in an ignorant fashion? The lady has connections. I listen to everything and prepare best I can. That is all I'm trying to do here is let people know. Ignore it, down vote it, give it your tin hate endorsement... I really don't care. It is your life people.

I did

And a month ago I heard another talking about how he was a pastor connected to people high up in the oil business. He goes on how these billionaires are actually ethical people and will let us know when the crash is coming. So he trots out David Stockman, and his new book as proof the "elite" or cronies as I call them are giving us the heads up. I for one take it with a grain of salt, bc there's always dooms day people out there, you have to sort through the fluff & find the ones who know what they are talking about. I like Stockman (he doesn't say it's about to collapse, just that it will) Jim Grant, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and most Lew Rockwell.com writers. I would just say it's an extreme view, & not to put your family in a bomb shelter just yet.

ignore it then. If you don't

ignore it then. If you don't want to believe it, don't. I posted it for information purposes. Maybe you can explain this?

If Martial Law is not coming then why train for it? The point is not putting your family in a bomb shelter yet. the point is getting prepared. Have you put away water? food, cash? are you prepared? or are you going to be one of these idiots who runs around like a chicken with his head cut off because your bank account is closed and your credit cards don't work and you have no gas, food, etc. that is what this post is about. If people would pull their heads out of the sand and do a little homework before they comment it would be nice.

Nothing major

But I live on an acreage in Canada, grow crops. If shtf I'm in good shape, well water, crops etc.
I'm not saying you're wrong dude, just think it's am extreme view. That's what debate is about bro.

Sounds like you got it made, bro! So if this post is irrelevant

to your circumstances, then please don't waste your time here commenting; go hoe some taters. I am sincerely glad to know at least some people are in good stead to deal with the coming craziness! The rest of us poor sods, however, can extract value from this sort of information--even if it is perhaps exaggerated / heavy on the conjecture with respect to certain points. We're not hiding out in Canada rockin' out our preps; we're in potentially / likely hotter and more dangerous waters than are you. Please wish us well! Peace in Liberty.

What would the Founders do?

read page 10 paragraph

read page 10 paragraph 45

It is far from an extreme view.

You gotta be careful posting shit like that

Right before bernanke is going before congress


You might want to

change the title to "Writer Warns of possible 72 hour heads up..."

I think this is being downvoted because it sounds confusing.

that is title of the youtube vid.

and there is a comment that states, "It's been over 72 hours dumbass."

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.