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Religious Baiting

If Al Qaeda had been an extremist Christian organization, would have the media and government began shouting from the rooftops, “We need to profile all the Christians! We need to immediately launch a worldwide war against extremist Christianity! The world will not be safe until every last one of them is dead!” – would they have? Hell no! It would not be an effective strategy to win popular support. The government doesn’t really care about the people of one religion more than it does another. The government is only concerned with getting a sizable number of people to agree with what it wants/intends to do. Knowing that most Americans are Christians, radical Islam was the perfect storyline to invade and occupy oil rich Iraq and lithium rich Afghanistan. Religious baiting was just as prevalent in antiquity as it is now.

This type of baiting seems to be the tactic that the US government plans to use to get popular support for intervention in Syria – a war that will likely pit US forces against Russian forces. Since the creation of the state of Israel following WWII, American Christians have been convinced that it is their duty to stand with the Israeli government no matter what the circumstances may be. Up until now, nearly 70% of Americans have opposed US intervention in Syria according to recent polls. Thus, so far, all of the arguments used by the Obama Administration have been futile in their attempts to gain support for US involvement in the Syrian Civil War. This is why I believe that Israel, now, will be used as religious bait to persuade the American populace to give its “go ahead.”

In May of this year, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said:

“The deliveries [of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles] have not taken place – I can attest to this – and I hope they do not. But if, by some misfortune, they arrive in Syria, we will know what to do.”

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Race and religion

The two tools used to distract and divide the populace, while the elites plunder us all.

Let's keep exposing this garbage!

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Truth in your face. Totally agree.