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Meet the Journalist Who Connects the Dots Between Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and the NSA

Barrett Brown is a journalist imprisoned without bail, facing over 100 years of potential jail time, much of it for posting an http link to a public forum. He had been writing about several private intelligence companies and set up a Wikipedia-like site, ProjectPM, for crowdsourced analysis of the documents released by Anonymous after several hacking attacks. Some people are petitioning for Brown's freedom from what they view as a politically targeted prosecution, but this article will concentrate on what the information Brown has uncovered can do to explain how PRISM and related spying programs may be used against Americans. The official government line has been that PRISM is targeted at foreign terrorists, but it's just as likely that the program will be used to frustrate expressions of political opinion at home.

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Journalists that Connect the Dots

We will refresh ourselves with the next privacy violation. Thank you very much for this informative link, we take a closer glance and cover it Thursday night at 6:30 PM Eastern Time on Kentuckiana GrassRoots Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ky-grassroots-radio or 1-347-637-3086.