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Well that was the point

There was a huge uproar from racists about it. I find it comical that anyone would openly admit to being racist, but many seem to have been when this commercial came out.

Hope for the future here. Kids are way smarter than adults...

treat them.

I never talk down to kids no matter how small they are. I always get down to their eye level and talk to them in straight english, face to face, and take them seriously. Because God knows they haven't had a chance yet to become disillusioned and destroyed by this world, but they can feel the destruction coming, and maybe I can convey some hope to them by acknowledging their equality and worthiness of existence...

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The commercial was 30 seconds the kids reactions were 9 min-- way too long. In the end I just watched a Cheerios commercial.

It would be nice if cheerios weren't GMO.

It would be nice if cheerios weren't GMO.

I felt the kids innocence was being violated.

I didn't care to finish watching.

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I didn't finish either

Adult anger is a scary monster to kids. Confusing them for our amusement is cute, but they still have to process these revelations. And you'd have to take youtube trolls at face value to call anger a fact so it's not even one of those necessary revelations. Now they're going to be on guard for anger they may never see and it's just unnecessary stress.

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That's a very good way to put it. Adult anger is a scary monster to kids.

I don't like formally introducing my daughter to the concept of discrimination.

She's never thought anything was unusual about mixed-race households. What's interesting though, is she did find gay couples unusual. She thought that 'two mommies' and 'two daddies' was a bit queer, so to speak. But we shrugged it off, so now she thinks it's normal, too.

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I love that chubby girl! She

I love that chubby girl! She cracked me up! I guess some adults need to take a lesson from the kids.

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is my favorite too! All of them were great though. :)

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It's not controversial.

The only "controversy" comes from the half-idiot comments section on Youtube, and if a Youtube troll-fest constitutes a "controversy," then hoo boy are we in deep.

I kind of feel bad for the kids that they're being

told people are angry about this. The "controversy" was a bunch of trolls on youtube. It was a trolling contest, it was probably just whatever emotions trolls feel. I'm not sure if anger is one of them. Now the kids gotta' go out there and figure out its real context on their own.

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Why is the a controversy?

Really. Why? I do not understand. Please explain why this advertisement is controversial.

In all honesty......

I hadn't noticed until someone pointed it out on a program I was watching.


Watched the video without reading the comments. I was just as lost about it as the kids. HA!

Man, that makes me happy. Now, if we can just get over race, color, religion, etc and start voting CONSTITUTION we would be a better species.

this is nice

but who was the guy talking about?

who was it specifically that became upset at the commercial?

The comments section

for its youtube was shut down when trolls made it their playground. The trolls were the only ones pretending to be angry. The trolls are still getting their way, having baited us into reacting to their feigned sentiment.

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My own test results

My child ( 9 years old ) just watched it and 23 seconds into it she spoke up and said " I don't think that is her mother"

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Yeah, when I was 4 or 5 years

Yeah, when I was 4 or 5 years old, my brother and I used to play the board game "Chutes And Ladders" at our Grand Parents house, at that age I did not understand anything about race.

I had never heard the terms, "Black People" "White People" or anything like that, and no one in my family was even slightly racist.

BUT I clearly remember insisting firmly that I get the token that featured the blond haired blue eyed Boy, and refusing the token that featured the Black boy, of course I was a boy so the Girl tokens were out of the question any way.

Of course, I think that was all silly looking back on it, but my point is for all the people who say, " oh kids don't know, or care about race unless someone tells them too" maybe that is true for the other 6 Billion+ children, and former children alive today, but it was not for me, and that was not my family's fault, in the end racial identity is a fact of life, you can't make anyone love anyone but you can love others yourself, and teach your children your beliefs when they are old enough to understand

My thoughts

you look in a mirror at a early age and spend more time looking in at yourself the older you get. Makes sense that you'd be attracted to someone who looked like you did (that also assumes you are happy with your life and appearance).

It not from racism, but from familiarity. This is not all encompassing of course.


"It not from racism, but from familiarity." what do you think racism is? is it not the liking or disliking of one race over another.?

"Makes sense that you'd be attracted to someone who looked like you did"
yes it does, but that is considered racism isn't it?, if some Celebrity said "I love white Girls, I have never dated any other sort" people would say he was a racist, and they might be right, but just because he goes out with only one girl, does not mean that hates all the others.

You were picking an avatar

Of course people pick the avatar that looks most like them. That's not a race issue so much as a physical features issue.

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That's a shame.

not really

i mean. aside from sitcoms, it really isn't as common as you might want it to be.

Are u serious?

There are more mixed race families in my city than there are all white or all black, etc. Mixed race families are extremely common where I live.

It's not unfamiliar to me and

It's not unfamiliar to me and I don't live in TV-land.

"not unfamiliar to me"

"not unfamiliar to me" interesting choice of words, I personally don't think its a surprise for a 9 year old to be unfamiliar with mixed race family's.

Kids reflect the opinions of

Kids reflect the opinions of their parents or mimic what ultimately gets them a reaction or attention.

People say kids aren't racist,

but I've seen some majorly racist kids, always the children of majorly racist parents, or at least one parent who is an all-around awful human being. I think feeling like you're better than other people is the consolation prize abusive people give their kids.

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Thanks for posting

I really enjoyed the analysis by the kids. If only we could have an adult conversation like that without escalating to threats of violence or suggesting people are inferior.

Showing this to my wife as we are a mixed race couple.

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